Remote raiding officially announced, plus other new features

First official release of remote raiding, and some other enhancements to help under the shelter-in-place restrictions that are affecting many parts of the world.

What motivates my buddy to fetch a gift for me? I got down to 1 gift left, and buddy didn’t do anything. After a half hour, I gave that gift, leaving me with zero. Still waiting for buddy to fetch a gift. Is there a way to send him to get one? Hmmm…

Sheesh, I missed that the buddy fetching gifts from nearby pokestops when we run low is one of the “soon” features. Oh, well; back to twiddling my thumbs.

It may not be live yet. It does say they’re coming soon.

I can’t wait to raid remotely with you guys! I’ll finally be able to get the legendaries and level 4 Pokemon that I missed (Galarian Weezing here I come!)

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The “remote” raid seems like hype now that it’s been revealed that it simply extends the range to how far your ‘nearby’ display reaches. So we won’t be able to raid with people further than a mile or two away. (And, not to rain on your celebration, I don’t think we get to pick the raid boss. So you won’t get to raid Galerian Weezing until a nearby gym has a raid with that boss.)

I had hoped it would let us raid any gym we had visited before (i.e. any gym medal). Or at least any gym where we have a gold medal.

Having no gyms within range of where I’m stuck during the lockdown means the ‘remote raid’ feature is virtually a no-op for me. Bummer. Although I might get to try it while out on a grocery run sometime. I sure hope others get better use out of it than I will.

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The way they have gone about remote raiding is very disappointing for those in areas that don’t have a high density of pogo players. It’s also disappointing for those in total lockdown that the first raid each day isn’t free.

In the future Niantic promised we’ll be able to raid with our international friends:

Niantic will be making adjustments to this feature over time, including changes to the number of Trainers who can join remotely, the ability to invite friends to raids regardless of their location

Also, I can see 6 Gyms from my house, so there will be several Pokemon to choose. And I’ll be glad to accept invitations for remote raids from anyone even for level 3 or 4 raids.

Okay. I’m just looking at what is described as imminent as what’s realistic to expect. “Over time” sounds ominously nebulous. And noticing how clunky and delay prone it is to pull off a one-on-one battle with players on just two different servers around the net, I have serious doubts that a raid spanning several different servers in real time can be realistically implemented within the product’s lifetime (or ours).

And I’ve found that although your buddy Pokemon will fetch gifts for you at pokestops, it doesn’t seem to go to the same locations more than once. That’s a total bummer since there are only two places near me with either a pokestop or a gym and neither can actually be seen on my in-game map in my location.

When my buddy gets gifts for me, the number of added gifts seems not to square with the number of gifts I have afterwards. Case in point, I clicked on the gift symbol that my buddy ‘said’ and it popped up a bunch of new-gift bubbles, and swiping them to collect them put the gift icon in the upper-right of the display with a “+10” next to it — ten new gifts, right?

But when I look at my bag, it has a total of 8 gifts in it. How can that be, for +10? Did I have negative-two before? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Weird.

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