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Regional - Looking for a Australian player

i know its big. but size doesnt matter in this case :yum:

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Post your location in “Players in your Area”

Then people can reach out to you.

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Guys, hes looking to trade with someone half the world away, knows about range limit but says it wont be a problem… It doesnt really get more spoofer then that.


Yep, very plain and obvious a cloud person…
I have no interest in assisting.



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Im 35 year old guy from norway, if you dont know where it is google it, im playing pogo with my 6 year old son who is absolutley crazy about pokemons. But it is not easy getting kanga or some of the other regionals here like it is for a australian player. At the same time they cant just go out and catch a Mr Mime. So therefore im looking for a pogo friend to trade with. Going around the distance block is possible like driving the car while collecting buddy candy or hatching eggs. If i wanted to cheat i would not use money to buy incubators for my son and just done some gps spoofing…

I have a plan to surprise my son with some rear regionals because i know how happy he would be. That is obviously a bad thing… I should probably fly to australia or across the world to catch a pokemon…

I am very very spoofy and clouded guy…


You cant spoof anymore

You need to be 100m or less away from each other to trade, @Rollandroller. So your idea obviously won’t work.


You should be able to hatch Gen 1 regionals from 7km eggs now so stock up & buy some incubators.

we have a serious influx in spoofers in my city and my own team (instinct) sadly over the last few weeks. Spoofing if still strongly present.

regarding OP: if he spoofs, why would he want to trade? just spoof and catch what you want?
(must be trade medal)

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Yes i know where Norway is. I did get geography in school. Because of that, i know you cant just drive to Australia. Besides the huge distance, theres also the problem of there being a bit of water in your way. Quite a bit actually.

Whatever your plan is to suprise your son, if it isnt actually flying to Australia to catch that pokemon, it is probably cheating.
If you want friends for the regionals out of gifted eggs, just add 20 people from Pokémon GO Trainer Codes - Add Friends (Official Megathread) and walk those eggs. You dont need Australian friends for that to work.


i have hatched about 35 eggs on my phone and at least 27 eggs on my sons phone last 4-5 days… So far 1 kanga for my son… So hatching eggs has been done… and i have about 60+ friends across the world for gift exchange… but there is limits on sending / opening gifts… So i have done quite a bit…

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How can spoofing still be?
They said they stopped it

How this became a chat about spoofing and not put in Players in my Area is beyond me. :exploding_head:

Cause his area is Norway but hes looking for australian players…

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im confused, if i was spoofing i could sit in my own living room and play at any place if i used a gps spoofing… Why tha hell would i need a australian player for that?

then please enlighten us in why and how this plan of yours is to work, 'cause clearly we are missing something.

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No you are not missing out on anything you are not using your head. Just have to be creative. And ive allready provided enough information for you to get it. :wink:

I’m quite tired of this discussion…
If it’s only for regionals, just walk more 7km egss, and you will get them.
If you want to trade, just get a plane and go to Australia.

If, for any dark reason you don’t want to tell us, you need friends from Australia, just search in the Megathread for users from Australia, it’s not necessary open your own topic for this.

And if you want to do something outside the regulated functioning of this game, less reason are to go on.