Rayquaza Raid Error

Looking for some ideas on how to solve the following problem. I am able to do every raid except Rayquaza raids. When the timer counts down it reaches zero and goes to the blank black screen before entering into the arena but I never get past the black screen. I can see loading icon spinning in the top left of the screen but it never gets past this. If I delete the app and attempt to rejoin the battle, I will see the arena but nothing else and it never loads past this blank arena.

It really confuses me cause I can battle in every other raid. Thanks for you suggestions ahead of time.

Report it to niantic. Once they reply tell them in detail.

You can report it in game under settings.

Maybe it’s a server problem. I had the same thing but only once in a while. I was able to do multiple Rayquaza raids with no problem. Hopefully your problem fixes soon.