Raids + solo players

Hiya, its Pizza here. I’m a returning player and was wondering if non-team players can join in raids by buying passes? I just want to know before I spend any money on this game.

Anyone can join in on Raids as long as the Group Raiding don’t select Private Battle which will exclude randoms from joining in with them. Most groups gathered around a Gym for a Raid are usually accommodating.
There’s been the odd case reported on here of unfriendly snobs excluding people. The worst case I’ve herd recently was where the Group of Raiders sabotaged the Raid by not fighting and only dodging than jumped out of the Raid and took off leaving not enough left in the battle to defeat the Raid Boss.
Just rock up and ask if you can join in.

Yep - anyone can raid but your best bet is to get on either a Facebook raid group, FB messenger or Discord group & watch notifications for when groups are going to hit a raid.
You get one free raid pass per day but the premium passes are only $1 so if you want to do more you can easily buy them.
If you’ve not done any raids before maybe have a read of this - it may help with some aspects of your raiding