Raids: awesome awesome awesome. Share your experience with us!

Today I ran to 2 raids nearby to experience for the first time and it’s so much fun you guys. Apparently they are everywhere so the fear of them being too exclusive fear no more. I’m sorry if your level isn’t allowed to get a pass but when they roll out you will be able to play all day if you want to. From what I see this morning they happen a lot.
First you see the raid notification when the raid boss is still in an egg for 1:30 hours count down style, then they will hatch and stay for another 50-60 minutes also. Hence you will have plenty of time to run there and gather your friends. To be fair I fought 2 raids this morning, only around 3-4 players took part with me. And as usual I was the only one actually being there but it didn’t ruin my experience at all this time. I can also confirm that we can battle the same boss in multiple groups as when I won and captured the boss and another raid was going in. So like we don’t have to fear about too many people and too limited available seats. In short, we have an hour to fight the boss, when a group (max 20) done the next group can go in and keep rolling for an hour frame.
Another interesting point: we can totally fight alone. Today I got a bay leaf boss level 1 (cp5000 ish) and a Muk boss lvl 2 (cp11200) each I fought with only 1 Pokemon and still got health left. The raid was only around 3 or 4 members including myself. So if you are alone you could still enjoy the raid and win easily. However I’m not so sure about raid boss lvl 4 and 5. Imagine a blissey boss oh well there’s still time to try. So if you live in an area where people stop playing; spoofers may actually be the ultimate frenemies!
Below are some of the screenshots I took today. And this how I experience the raids, please share your if possible. Hope my experience will upgrade the positive hype for some who hasn’t be able to participate :wink:


Sounds good! I’ll be going out today and giving it a shot I think, since apparently it’s open for my level now. I’ll be interested to see if anyone else shows up physically, since I know there are at least some legit players around here (only they’re all mystic while I’m Valor :joy:), but not nearly as many as there are people in the gyms.


Sitting at home this morning, thinking about how there are no raids in my area when 6 pop out of nowhere! I run all the way to the town centre, just for a 120 cp Magikarp boss. At least the IV’S were decent.

So, I did my first raid and this happened:

I caught it, too, but it’s actually pretty bad. CP way below my level max and IVs below 80%. I’ll be keeping it as a memento, though. For reference, this was a Lv1 difficulty common (pink) egg.

I really like the raid mechanics and I did see some people near the gym that I suspect were real life players, so that was nice. Definitely also some spoofers around, though. What makes raids really worth it in my eyes is the XP reward (although the items are nice, too, especially TMs will have high value, but they’re probably pretty rare). I got 3000 XP for a battle that lasted a minute at most and that I could also have easily done on my own. Does anyone know if XP rewards scale with difficulty/rarity?

eta: In case anyone hasn’t tried it out and is worried about getting dragged into battles without knowing what Pokemon will pop up; you do see which Pokemon you’ll be battling before you commit your raid pass. I was actually thinking about backing out of this one and waiting for one of the other raids nearby to start, but then decided against it.


Some people are experiencing trouble in the group I raided with. Someone wasn’t able to participate despite having dropped his raid pass, and I myself wasn’t able to select a team to go into battle. I tried a restart but this didn’t work either and I ended up going into battle with whatever was chosen for me, which was likely by highest CP? It did work out for me and the jolteon was defeated but it was a bit annoying that I didn’t get to select more effective pokemon…

Aside from that, super cool to have raids already. Didn’t expect it to drop for my level so soon! Also cool to finally see some of the faces to the player names I’ve seen around my neighbourhood.


My first 4 star raid was a charizard. And that bastard was hard to catch. I used up all my premiers and 2 golden razz but didn’t catch him. Bummer. Second 4 star in 20min.


I learned you can easily solo raid a Quilava with an Omastar. Mine has about 2300 CP and it only took maybe half of his health to finish the job. If I had had more time to play today I probably would have used my free raid pass on something else later. Even after the previous event I’m still somehow missing a Typhlosion with acceptable IVs, so I thought this would be my chance to finally get one. I did catch that Quilava, but I didn’t even bother to calculate the IVs because appraising it already revealed it wasn’t going to be worth it. The catch circle was deep red even after feeding it a regular razz berry, so unless you’re willing to use your golden one I’m assuming it’s going to be that way for every wild Pokemon you fought in a raid except for maybe Magikarp or something. It took maybe three throws, the succeeding one being a razz berried curveball with no other bonuses. My other raid rewards were six revives, one golden berry, one rare candy and I think 5000 XP?

There was also rare egg nearby that just hatched while I started typing this, containing a Gengar which I don’t mind missing out on. I first passed that gym while it didn’t have any signs of an oncoming raid, went far enough from it to lose it from my view, then moments later returned to it to notice an egg that had 1:50 remaining on the timer. My theory is there’s a two hours notice for rare raids.


I’ve had two hours notice for all raids today, as long as the gym was within the distance covered by the nearby tracker.

I’m having a difficult time figuring out when to dodge. The battle mechanic of a raid seems different. Fortunately, they were normal raids and had no problem taking them down by myself without dodging but I imagine if/when I am battling a lvl 4-5 raid, dodging will be important.

Anyone else experiencing similar or have any insight on how to effectively dodge in raid battles?

As awesome as it may sound. I experienced some hm rather I don’t know how to feel. I missed a Tyranitar and Snorlax raid as I watched them time out before my very own eyes. Haha that’s how it feels for some people who can’t leave the house. I I was with my family so couldn’t run to play. I did manage to join in a venusaur raid. Spent about 1 hour as I kept losing to it (lvl 4 difficulty). There was only myself and another 2 spoofers and we couldn’t win over that massive venusaur. I mean flareon, Alakazam, Charizard, Arcanine, Lapras, Jynx, Pinsir, Exxegutor didn’t damage anything I couldn’t even finish him myself. It was so tough. If it was you position, you would you chose to go against a venusaur boss. Let me tell you he is worst than the normal blissey. I can confirm with gym level 4, we need at least 5 people that doing super effective or just 10 people at least! Oh well how about blissey and snorlax? How are we gonna battle them ? It’s kinda crazy
Here are some of photos:


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Tried my first raid, unfortunately I was the only one raiding. It was a Jolteon and I had no chance by myself. Used two raid passes and I could barely get his health to the yellow both times. I tried to matchup with ground and rock types the first time and the second time I went with pure attackers and got the same result.

I don’t have a lot of players in my area, so I hope they can do something to address this…either make it easier for single players or issue more than one pass per day so more people do raids

doubt it.

if solo’ing higher level eggs became an option, spoofing would be worth way more.

You should find/create a FB group for pokemon raids. since all teams can participate together, you can partner with others. explore the social aspect of it

My first raid was a Rhydon at over 30000 CP! We did it first time with just 4 trainers (although it recommended 17 lol)

You can use more then 6 pokemons when your battleing in raids

So you have to use another raid pass if you don’t succeed on the first attempt? That’s a bit annoying since I don’t like spending money on microtransactions and so will mostly be working with free passes (plus what I can get with gym coin rewards, split between incubators and raid passes)

No once you use a raid pass you can try as many times as you want during the hour the raid is up

Very good experiences. Just two catches yesterday and today. I’ll share my findings.

Yesterday was a level 2 Muk. I’m 38. Im by myself. I set up the party of 6 all careful. Then I hit the item button with the extra time to heal up my guys. I guess that tells auto fill cause the team was back to what ever the game wanted. No time to change it opened me…

Rock throw, stone edge Golem. Now, look me up. I’ve long been spreading the word that he is the best attackers in the whole game. My opinion hasn’t changed. I enter the battle. Easy solo kill. Not just solo, as in by myself. Solo as in just the Golem. Muk was little more difficult then an average blissey.

So…my summation. Purple eggs are easy solo hits. Lowering g the level cap was good for that. On to this morning…

Yellow egg. Raid level 4. Rolled up on it 5 mins til. Luckily 2 others in another car. I’m 38. They’re 32 and 30. We go…charizard. Over 28,000 cp. Flipping dragon claw. That’s right. They gave us dragon claw. We times out.

Beyond a best blissey ever fight. Luckily, retries are free. Jumped back in. Timed out. Started readjusting.

You see…timing out. I’m not dealing enough damage to kill him. But he’s not dealing enough damage to kill me either. I started leaving out tankier guys for glass cannons (alakazam etc). One more person showed up. Level 30. Yes. Now 4 people. Went double vaporeon, Golem, alakazam, two others can’t rightly remember.

At one point I was like. Stop dodging everyone. Just spam it all!

At the buzzer. Literally, 0 on the clock we got it.


In my area there are only three gyms, like 10km apart.
Today I found a raid in one of them, but I had to return home and could not fight it… it was level 1 so I could have handeled it.
Not enough gyms to experience the raids… hope they created more gyms nearby and at least tell when there were raids in gyms you have already visited, even if you were not in range. THen we would have some oportunity to travel there in time.

I have a question can some one answer it

Hahaha, well, if I could see the question…