Raid time - Europe

Hi, last week there was a time change (summer time to winter time) in Czech rep. and also in some of other countries. Now the raid eggs starts 5.00 and ends 17.45. In other words for working people is almost impossible to raid. It doesnt make any sence…its also loose of money for niantic…but I guess they doesnt care. I know thats not only my problem, but problem in general in my country. Im really curious what are the hatching times in other countries.

it is exactly the same in iceland,but i dont care that much.I have a gym in my house so i am fine.

The first Eggs start appearing on Gyms around 5:30-6:00am and the last Raids are finisishing around 8:30-9:00pm.
This is for South Australia.

Same in the U.S. our raids used to start around 7:30 am and stop usually around 8pm. Since the time change they are starting around 6–6:30 am and stop appearing around 6:30-7pm

I usually raid during lunch, so it doesn’t effect me too much, but a lot of people are having difficulties getting groups together after normal working hours

I have the same issue here in Sweden. I live in a Rural area and that extra hour did a lot. On top of that the raids are 45 min now…like come on. We

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Well, in Poland which is next to Czech rep., and even though we also changed time raids end around 8-9 P.M