Raid time anomaly

So for the past few months, ever since the winter time started, the last time a raid could end in the Netherlands (and probably alot of countrys in Europe) was 19:30.
The last egg could apear at 18:45 (cause eggs dont spawn the last 15 minutes of an hour), so 45 minutes later, 19:30 raid ended.

Now today however, we got word that in another city, Rotterdam, 3 eggs would pass this limit. So i looked at a scanner for Rotterdam, and sure enough 3 raids are still ongoing, from wich the last will end at 20:27.

Anyone else observed something similair arround them?
We have actually been hoping Niantic would change the times, because they start appearing at 06:00 already and the last at 19:30 gone is just way to soon for people with normal jobs.

In London, raid eggs start appearing at 6-6:30am and I see the last Eggs in my area Disappear At 6:35pm.

It’s a conspiracy!

I kept track of raid times in my town and in some other towns with a bit bigger population
My Town (where i live)

  • 4 gyms
  • 7 pokestops
  • 3 other gyms in the surrounding towns (3)
  • 6 stops total in the surrounding 3 towns
    (Yes, i have 4G in my town, but not in the surrounding towns)

Other City (Not town) (where i work)

  • 14 gyms (at some places 2 gyms near each other)
  • Around 30 stops
  • Town is the same size of ground as my town but a bigger population
    (Note: i don’t play in the city, my operator only has EDGE there, no 3G or 4G, so i’m unable to play there)

  • Raid times stop at 17:45 in our town
  • Raid times stop at 19:45 in the city

  • Ex-raids are always given in the city
  • Ex-raids are never given in out town

  • LvL5 raids appear mostly in the morning and sometimes 1 or 2 in the afternoon, after 16 it’s mostly lvl3/2/1 raids in my town (You know people work and go to school, given lvl5 raids at 5:45 in the morning is so uncool)
  • Lvl 5 raids are more spread across the evening in the city

  • No new stops/gyms in our town
  • New stops and gyms appear in the city, that already has so many gyms and stops

My conclusion:
Niantic does this on purpose, city, more people that wil play and raid, so let’s give them everything
small towns, well seems like the raids don’t get much people, so no need to give them raids and new gyms/stop
BUT this is something Niantic created on his own, drive people in small towns away to the city, wel, most people stopped playing just for that reason in my town, when a level 5 raid happens, we don’t get enough people anymore, so most started playing with multiple accounts just to get enough accounts to be able to finnish a raid boss.
Some people in my town don’t want to raid anymore in the town, only in the city, they drive just for raids to there in the hope to get an ex-raid invite. The people that aren’t able to do so, already have given up on ex-raids, cause we all know:

When there aren’t enough raiders, niantic will never send out ex-raids to gyms where always the same 7 people do raids
It feels like a big F*ck-OFF in our face from them!

Same about eggs:
I never had plenty 10km eggs (like 5 in the whole time i play (from release date) cause i never spend money, so i descided to spend 15 euro on coins (i had enough coins, but i wanted to know, after that i bought incubators with it, suddenly i get 7 10km eggs, when the incubators where gone and i didn’t spend money anymore i only recieved 5km eggs and a few 2km, no 10km eggs for months, till last week, 1 again, then back to 5 km eggs

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Well i can explain the new stops and gyms only popping up in the city. You need an active level 10+ Ingress player who makes new stops to get new gyms and stops in PoGO. Its logical that if your town has few stops (or portals as they are called in Ingress) that you also dont have high level ingress players, cause they need portals to level… Its a weird system,

So ive been asking arround about this some more, and it seems that its because its a new gym. New gyms have a later end time for raids on them… for some reason.

Well, last raids are ending at 21:00 here in Poland.

I just wish that
A. Raid timers were longer. That would give us enough time to get a group together for legendary raids.

B. Level 5 raids more common. The timing could be perfect, with the right weather, and everyone available. But no raid in the whole town…

For clarification I do live in a town where if one player in the town is too busy for a raid the whole thing gets called off because we literally need every one to beat a legendary. We tried groudon non weather boosted. 8 of us. We got very close but failed. We kept trying on raids. But so far every time that:

Everyone is there and it is preferable weather conditions, no level 5 raids.

It is preferable weather conditions and a level 5 raid is present, someone (normally more than 1) is unavailable.

Everyone is there ready to attack raid, and raid is present, but there is not preferable weather conditions.

Under all these circumstances the raid will fail.

For the raid to succeed:

  1. Everyone must be available at the time of the raid.
  2. A raid must be available.
  3. The weather conditions must be right.

So far this has never occurred, as all my current successful legendary attempts have taken place on holiday.

You couldnt take down Groudon with 8 people? What level are you guys and more importantly, what pokemon do you use?

West Coast of the USA here - Seattle Washington specifically…

The raids are already going strong when I go to work in the mornings, at 0530, and pretty much completely end by 1900, within a few min at least. It really frustrates me because due to traffic and commute times, I dont get home till nearly 1900, so I can not take my boys out for raids during the week…

I am level 34, and there is one level 36.
Everyone else is much lower.