Raid : Ready Button

When you have choosen your party that you want to raid with, you click a “Ready” button which also can be clicked to unready and switch party.

Raid counter still ticking down but 20 people there? No more waiting. All 20 trainers click ready and the raid begins.

The wait for raid is a long and not needed once you have already set up your party you want to use. The “Ready” button will speed things up.

Have a private party? 5 players? no need to wait for timer! If the desired number is less than 20 click the “Lets play” button which will promt the game to start without max players.


Please add this

I need it for my own sanity


Nice idea i am veryy impressed.


need this!


No. I like the social aspect of talking to everyone before the raid begins.

You don’t have to touch the Ready Button so that is still possible.

You talk while battling. Not like you can’t press and dodge without giving eye contact to who your talking to.

I want this cause the wait for multiple raid suchs as on these special days is long. Especially if all 20 are already there. Imagine Wafu"ing" with ready button, your private groups would move way faster!!

  • Yes, implement Ready button
  • No, keep it the way it is

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Wow we are th only ones online I think

They should in my opinion implement a ready button. Everyone in the raid would need to press it. That way you can still socialise at the start of raids if you want but particularly on solo raids you don’t have to wait.

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Exactly it has to be all in raid pressing ready for it to start.

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I’m more in between the options. Idea is great but for those that tend to come to raid a little late might still get in in the 120sec wait window. Most likely happens when there is no communication between player and raid group. But yeah…

Look at "Pokemon’s Ideas to improve pokemon go for our solution to the ready button.

I’ve been thinking about that why there isn’t such a mechanic built into the game yet. But good that the idea has been brought up to the forums


I agree with a Raid Ready Go now button for Private Lobbies but not for open Public ones.


This is also part of my idea…!:grin:

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