Raid Passes = Money grab by Niantic

Seriously i do spend cash in the game. But 100 coins for a raid pass is a joke. I’m done with giving this company any more money.


I have played from the launch but never spent any money until today. I really enjoy raiding so not being able to paticipate to more than few raids each day feels like misery. Good job Niantic for finally taking my money!

I don’t have the funds really but my bank looks well… xD
They got me.

Hmmmm. Understand the frustration but most people probably spend 3-4x more $$$ on their morning coffee. It’s $0.99 (at least it is in Oz) and you’re given a free Raid pass daily also. Pretty sweet deal methinks.


You do realize that point of companies making any games like this is for the company to generate money. The free part comes to get people interested, an interview process of sorts to convince people it is worth playing.

Maybe you are to young to know this but ALL video games used to cost money. Companies would charge you on the front side to buy the game then it was yours. Now they give you the game with the expectation that you might spend some money. It makes them more profit overall, and it gets you the player a chance to try it before you invest.

Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy the raid pass. If you made it this long without it you can keep going.

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I think you are missing my point. I do spend money buying lures & egg incubators etc. I do realize that companies need to make money ( and this company is making money ) I didnt mind when they released gen 2 in eggs at the start. But this is gonna back fire on them big time . How long are people gonna buy raid passes to catch a magikarp?? There should be no need of a raid pass for level one or two catches. They do want people out and about in the real world playing together ??? A reasonable 50 coins for level 3 , 100 for a level 4 and for a legendary 150 -200 ???

Are you aware that you get a free raid pass daily? Also, you don’t have to participate in the lv 1-2 raids. Most people do them for an chance at a TM or golden berry, not to actually catch the mon.

Are you aware that if you have three kids with you and you went out to play the game for a few hours it could cost you 20 - 30 euros a day ?? Overkill in my opinion. Its gonna be the death of this game.

Cash grab, yes. But all microtransactions are. You buy yourself an advantage over those who play for free. I can go out to play the game for an entire day and not spend any money at all. I won’t level as fast as others, but I can still do everything.
Of course it’s a shame that one of the coolest parts of gameplay can only be enjoyed once a day for free (not counting the passes I’ll be buying with coin rewards from gyms). But that’s the whole point of free-to-play with microtransactions. Otherwise you’d have had to pay for the app upfront, and probably paid again for gen 2, and yet again for the raid update.

eta: if you go out with your kids and the point is to battle together, you can take down a pretty much unlimited number of gyms. It’s not really raid or nothing.

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When it will be possible for players below 25 lvl to play in raids

1 Free Raid Pass daily and Niantic lowering the prices for pokecoins few months ago is pretty sweet deal to me. Enough for me to enjoy playing the game.

Don’t know what country you live in but the price for coins went up in the play store in my country!!! This update has been a disaster. Just Another Greedy Corporation. The novelty has already worn off. Looks like this summer wont be that Legendary. Gen 3 is needed as a minimum before the end of July.

This is just a rant about the gyms:

Allows me to get high IV Pokémon

Not a lot of pros, are there…

Impossible to solo many raids
I play in a rural area, so it’s only me trying to take down 20,000 cp Pokémon
You cannot really hang on to raid passes without spending money

If legendaries are released in my area as a raid which me ( and the 2 other people that play the game) cannot take down I will quit.
What’s the point if the game is centred around the city play and the large group play as well.

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All they would need is to have 2-3 mons in gyms for 8-9hrs a day to get 50-150 coins a day. That’s then 2 free raid passes a day. Want more, try to hold more gyms & then there’s no need to spend $$$.
Appreciate that the cost went up where you are but there is a solution.
And the gym rework has been out for less than a week, I think you probably need to have a little more patience - what happens if specific mons from gen 3 can only be obtained by doing raids…?

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They didn’t think it through beales, if they inroduce specific mons in the raid system then id think that was fair enough. My point is raiding should have been available for all at a basic level at least. 1 and 2 raids to get basic mons shouldnt cost 100 coins at a time. L
ets be fair these fight last seconds.