Raid Eggs Are Back

At the Unibail Rodamco mall in Germany I was looking for Unown (as you do) and stumbled upon two raid eggs. One was a silver Legendary egg which disappeared in a matter of seconds. This made me believe that it was a glitch. I got a screenshot of the other

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I’ve seen a pink egg turn into Quilava when I tapped the gym. It’s probably just a minor visual glitch.

Is it still happening in Germany? Haven’t observed anything similar in Croatia

Honestly, haven’t seen it since those two occasions. It is probably just a glitch, but an interesting one as it shows raid eggs can be back any day now.

I think is a glitch too, I saw this egg during moltres week and in the radar alrady appears moltres and when tap the gys it was moltres too, but looks very good I think.