Raid Boss weather bonus effects can change at the start of the hour!

I started a battle with a Tyranitar in “cloudy” weather to maximise my fighting team at about 3:57pm. When we completed the raid with boosted attacks and pressed proceed to capture the time was 4:02pm. The boss had a CP levels of a level 25 and a “partly cloudy” icon showing next to name. This was great for us as we got the benefit of getting boosted at both ends but I can imagine it could go the other way where a team is deliberately wanting to catch a level 25 but the weather changes at the top of the hour to their detriment.
People should be aware of the possible change when a raid will finish after the beginning of the next hour.

Quite sure the weather can change between hours as well and that was just a super-lucky coincidence

The weather is BS. Just caught a Weedle. It was snowing and each time he broke out of my ball, he kicked up a bunch of dirt instead of snow. Niantic needs to fix this.

Wow, they have bugs preventing you from successfully dodging in raids, bugs that have you take the boss’ charge attack twice (or thrice if you try to dodge), and lack a ton of features yet you insist on fixing dirt?