Raid boss dream team

Hello all

Well after this current event I have racked up 500k of dust, but what on I ask?
I want to make a raid boss killing team of 6 Mons.
I would like to power ones up which can counter more than just one type.
Current top 12 below what’s missing?

Things I feel you should invest in:

Alakazam, great attacker but low HP
Exeggutor, you have one but I use them a lot
Blissey, mainly for defensive but can attack quite well
Lugia, like Alakazam but more bulky

Other possibilities:
Machamp, poliwrath, Heracross,Gyarados, Jolteon

I use any of these Pokémon most of the time though.

My top choices are Tyranitar, Golem, Blissey and Machamp. These are the top counters right now in my experience. Vaporeon, Snorlax, Donphan, exeggutor and Flareon a some other second tier contenders.

Typlosion is really good in my exp. with articuno, also been using my tyranatar, gyrados and arcanine. Draginite absolutly gets wrecked by these birds. I wish the CP could be higher in some dark types tho.

What move set on the Typhlosion?

Optimal is probably what ember/ fire spin and overheat but shadow claw might be more versatile.

IDK, mine has Solar Beam so it’s not that good😊

How would you rate it with Solar Beam v Egg with Solar Beam?

I’ve got a 100% 1458CP and 84% 2316CP both with Ember/Fire Blast. I was thinking of going Shadow Claw/Overheat or Shadow Claw/Solar Beam on one of them.

Exeggutor with solar beam is vastly better, the only place it loses out is a minor HP difference.

Ember and Overheat, although solar beam is never a bad move if dodging allows you to get off two charge moves