Quest bugs today

Anyone tried to get stamp today not given them it after claiming rewards twice for me can’t get taoday stamp since update. Also new special research coming finally

I had that once. That was when I already collected the Stamp for my Pokémon Encounter Quest but didn’t catch it because I didn’t want to. When I finally did it (on a day I didn’t collect the Stamp before) I didn’t get the Stamp. I can understand that. Not even after the second Encounter. I can’t understand that. After the third completement I got it finally.

I contacted niantic the other 1 in have is catch 10 normal I have 5 min no chance. I got the pinap rewards

New special research? Where did you hear that?

I believe once you have clicked “claim reward” the first time, that is when you have the chance to get a stamp. If you click it and run from the encounter and get the mon later, you have then missed your chance at that stamp. So, make sure to save a quest and don’t “claim” it if you still need a stamp for the next day. Patience!

Here can you read it.