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[Q&A]Which Pokemon should currently have a CP buff/nerf?

Shuckle…and maybe buff the grass types a bit in order to be viable for gym defenders

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Personally I think dragonite should stay the same but some ice types should get a buff although my snesals and pilowswins do ok

Lapras should at least have a slight buff. It is super low at the moment. Mine was at a solid 1600…until it got nerfed and nerfed. Now it is at 1200


I’d love some nerfs to create diversity in gym placements - buffs i do NOT know

The hub did an article about the data mine from the last version release. The diversity will come by limits being placed on the number of certain Pokémon allowed in a gym. I suspect we will see 10 unique Pokémon in every gym after they release the gym update.

On a personal note I hate nerfs, a person invests so much time, dust and candy powering up a Pokémon only for those efforts to be destroyed by a nerf. For example arcanine after the first rebalance was dropped way down the list, and for those who legitimately farmed candy, and invested stardust it was very frustrating.

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I think ampharos, kingler and poliwrath would be good with a buff and I think gengar and alakazam should be a bit stronger too like in the other games

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i come from a very deep background of Moba’s since i was very young - nerfs is kinda for the good of the many. you might be angry at them for nerfing ur own pokemon u worked hard for but think of the players recieving the damage on the other side. It would be more frustrating to be beaten by an advantage thats cheesy and OP. its all for the balance of the greater good.

think of how you feel if they nerf the pokemon that always beats you - presumably you’d be very happy. its vice versa - balance is very important and it should always follow with the META

Understanding something is necessary doesn’t equate to having to like it. I pay taxes and understand the reason why, it doesn’t mean I have to like paying them.

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i mean of course it is very fair to not like something - really sorry if i seemed like i was on an attacking tone - i just thought it might be justified on that idealogy!

i knew where you were coming from, no offense on my end at all :grinning:

The big frustration is that Niatic has a model from the existing games so they should know exactly where Pokémon should fall in terms of strength. If they would be more forthcoming with their changes they would me much more successful.

Stuff to mix up the meta. More different options to actually “work” in real gym sits: unnerf Lapras, executor, and maybe arcanine.

Rhydon WILL eventually be nerfed (it has to be. It can’t do that high AND evolve come gen 4). So they should just get that over with now. Don’t know why they overvalue, sucked-him-off with the last rebalance. He sucks.

Nerf Eevee evolutions to, kinda the Lapras treatment. Still at a range to be vicious attackers but not as dumb high as they get to also sit. That’s too much for an Eevee’s rarity rate AND evolving for 25.

Blissey wouldn’t need to be cp nerfed if they knocked off some hp…or extended the battle time for, like, 20 seconds.

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I think Lapras needs some love and blissey needs some love also it’s kinda fun haveing a challenge battle in blissey I have never lost to any lvl 10 gym with my 6 pokes until I met a gym in Clinton md that had 8 blissey over 2600 and a snorlax and dragonite at the top I almost got through the whole gym and it was exiting to loose for once in a while if I had just 1 more poke to battle with I could of took the win !! But how did all these people catch all the Chancys to make blissey I got some on v-Day with double candy from eggs and thaught I was hot stuff (lucky ) I guess I wasn’t the only one . I have 3 blissey that are pretty high cp 2900 2896 2614 all around 90 % so I had plenty of practice beating them !


I’d like to see a general evening of the odds. It really bugs me that there’s only a handful of Pokemon that are really viable for gyms. At least give us a bit of a bigger pool to choose from instead of essentially forcing everyone to power up the same seven 'mons with all other ones having highly situational uses at best.
Blissey could do with a few less HP to avoid constant time-outs against it, but I don’t think it should be nerfed completely.

Blissey doesn’t need a nerf, they just need to add ten seconds to the battle time…or at least make the clock correct…can’t count how many times battles have timed out with 6-7 seconds on the clock and I almost have him down.

I would like lapras to be back to where it was. Not sure why they nerfed that so hard
Lastly, the starters should be buffed. They’re fun and recognizable for the casual players. Blastoise and Charizard are basically useless. Venusaur is useful just because there are vaporeons. The gen 2 starters are all irrelevant as far as gym battling



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Are u crazy? Jolteon and lapras are already strong, and i dont think vaporeon needs a nerf.

I think that all the eevee evolutions should be equal so i wouldn’t mind if vapoereon stayed the same, but i would want all the rest buffed to that cp.

Well, they shouldn’t have nerfed lapras because there’s much stronger pokemon

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Like Vaporeon, Tyranitar, Blissey etc. Another thing is CP is biased against pokemon with good physical attacks in the original games, and the only thing speed is for is dodging, and I think speed should be more important in-game.

I agree. Lapras is my favorite pokemon as my username is “BossLapras33” and it was depressing when it got such a big nerf.