Problem with powering up Flareons

I’m trying to power up my Flareon, which requires 4000 stardust and 4 candy. I’ve got 10000 stardust and 85 candy(I know it’s not much but I’d like to spend them up) but the power up button doesn’t respond. Powering up the other pokemons seems normal. Is it a bug or are there secret rules of powering up that I’m unaware of?


How much cp is your flare on and is it part of a battle party?

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CP: 2238, Not in any battle party. I’ve powered it up before, it worked well until now


Take pic to us

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If it is not in battle party then that is strange

Does is it say anything when you tap the button or does it just do nothing?

It doesn’t say anything. Normally when you don’t have sufficient stardust the button is gray. At this moment, the button is green, which means you can power it up. When you press it, it gives no responses.

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I don’t know if it is possible to attach a video. I’ll attach a video or a pic later

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It must be a glitch

Try to re install the app

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Perhaps I can help you. There is a (Heatran) raid happening in the “hoogkamerlaan”, not far from us on 15:30. Perhaps I can try and help you there

aan het begin, achter de flat met huisnummer 10