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Post how far you’ve walked this week

No free slot, or why you haven’t got an egg?

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I have been really sick these past two w33ks, but I keep trying to move…


I’m doing better this week - 5.8km so far!



I had a plan to make sure I got the 50km for the week but that got stuffed up by the Wife wanting to play after I finished work Friday night. By the time I got home then we went into the City for dinner at Midnight we ended up tearing up gyms from 1am to 4am in the morning. I slept most of the Saturday away that I was planing to be be out on the Push Bike racking up the km. My Golf game in the morning Sunday only got me 7km and it rained all afternoon so bike time was a bust.
I ended up 14km short of the 50 :tired_face::tired_face:

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Today, since the changeover…

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:):sunglasses:. I’m working at it. Busted knee makes for challenge!

I still got some work to do before Monday morning…

Last week at work I had 3 phones open on my desk the whole shift for 5 days (45hrs).
My acct on iPhone 6s
1 of Kids on iPhone 6s
Other Kids on Samsung J7 Pro.
If I had to leave my office and go for a walk around the factory or go to main office for coffee I took all 3 with me.
With GPS wander the Samsung racked up 16km more than both iPhones which were on exactly the same number. If I had the Samsung running on the Sunday during my Golf game it would have made the 50km as it was 7km short in the end.

This week My acct is running on the Samsung :grinning:
Ill be out on the Bike all day Saturday.

I’m a little more than halfway there…

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