Pokemon GO no longer support IOS 10

I started the First day of pokemon GO in the netherlands I only played 10 mins a day. Then my phone stopped working, for cristmas I got a new phone, and I started playing again, then gen 2 was released and I started loving the game. Then it was Just a long time catching mons and spinning stops, then the legendary pokemon where released. I traveled 3 hours for one. Then gen 3 was released, and now I have to stop cause I have iOS 10 :frowning:


An innocent question… only because they don’t give support anymore the game stops to work?

I ask, because for example Microsoft has stopped to give support to Windows XP years ago, and I have
two PC which still work with it…

very confusing post. You have to stop because you have IOS 10? That doesnt make sense.

If iOS 10 is no longer supported, it will come up saying “it is time to update” but when downloading the update you won’t be able to get back into the game.

You need iOS 11 and I have iPhone 5c and the max for a iPhone 5c is 10.3.3

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(See the article With niantic to discontinue support for iPhone 5c)

Yeah, thanks, I’ve read it now… for this I called it an innocent question.
Beg your pardon

You dont need IOS 11 yet. You just need a newer Iphone than those listed.


Thank you, you can even have iOS 8 if you wish

No, see post: niantic discontinues support for iPhones bought in 2012/2013 CAUSE THEY DONT SUPPORT IOS 11

No, you need an iPhone that can RUN iOS 11, not something that has it
An iPhone released in 2010 wont work and a iPhone 6s with iOS 10 will
Thats because they change how the game technically works a bit (64-bit now?) so older models cant support it, it has not related to either the year or the iOS version

Yes, in the future more devices might have problems. But for now if you have an Iphone newer then 5 or 5C youre good.

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I have a 5c and Thats why Im writimg This post cause I have 5c and Thats why I have to stop

Time to get a wifi hotspot and a phone only to play pogo. ie one with no service provider. I let my youngest use a 2nd hand phone and 1gig of data a month just for pokemon or ingress.

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