Pokemon Go Gmail Account Help Please!

I used to play pokemon Go with my google account but now whenever I log in to the account it appears to be with some different account which I haven’t seen before. Does anyone know what to do support seems to be useless they havent helped me at all with this. I spent alot of time in the game and dont want all those hours to have been wasted because Pokemon Go has lost my account. Any help is appreciated thanks!

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Ask Niantic support, we are not Niantic.

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It has happened before that people by accident:

  • make a new Gmail account when getting a new phone -> new Gmail account would mean a new PoGo account then
  • think they had a Google-linked PoGo account but only have used their Google mail address to sign up for a PTC account

These are the two scenarios I have heard about, when people thought they had lost their account. Try checking if one of them has happened with your account. If not, I guess you really have to write to Niantic.


I understand that Niantic is just dependent on Google ID related to Google Emails (Either plain Gmail or G Suite for work and education) as login credentials in PoGo so when an email is deleted and recreated, the login will not work anymore, the account will be ORPHANED on their system. If the user try to CREATE NEW character, PoGo will then treat it as a new account.

It happens to US and lost our 2016 accounts after our company emails were trasfered to a new service but then recreated with the same email address.

Niantic is then worthless on that situation no matter how hard you will try to explain it to them, and then later, they release their CASE SOLVED verdict on that matter. I have still orphaned PoGo accounts that I believe they can salvage if they will only do it.

The fuck, I mean the Fact is that they can now support 4 types of Logins, but WHY they cant intervene (even if it will be manually encoded in the database) to add a new login methods even just temporary for users to be able to recover LOOSED (not totally LOST) accounts.

It is just a matter of willingness.

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