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Orange colored trainer in raid lobby?

I just finished my 4th Lugia raid this afternoon, and one of the trainers in the lobby was all orange in my alt’s display, while he was rendered in ordinary ordinary colors in my main’s display.

If I see it again I’ll try to get a screenshot. But does that sound familiar to anybody here? Anybody know what it meant for him to be all orange?

I’ve been seeing it almost everytime I join a raid. I still don’t know what it means though.

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Seems like an odd bug

I you look, he has a sign of Mega-energy at his side. Could it be that’s because he is using a Mega?

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I don’t think it Mega related unless it’s very new like last couple of days as I’ve raided with plenty on Poke Genie using Megas (the icon gives it away)


That sounds like a good guess, @bagguille. Neither time I’ve seen the orange trainer did he have the Mega energy, though.

But in a couple of other raid lobbies, I’ve seen signs that the trainers’ colors (hair, skin, clothes, etc) are being incorrectly rendered, which had been a manifest bug for a week or so, sometime earlier this year. Perhaps that bug has resurfaced.

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In the very early days of the game one of the mappers gave me a few account logins that were made for use as bots. Once we used the free lures off them he would then send them out into game for mapping/scanning.
I clearly remember one of those the trainer wad a shimmering camouflage colour like the Predator in the movies. Always wondered what the hell hack was used on that.

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It happened again…

This time there definitely wasn’t any mega evolutions. I only activated a lucky egg, and when I closed the item menu, they were all orange. That didn’t happen before from what I remember.


Maybe you keep raiding with a bunch of orange ninjas


Hahaha, not only we have to suffer with Team Rocket, now we have as well Ninjas…

Orange ninja? Is Naruto’s fashion the trend now? Well, as long as they help take down the raid boss, anyone will do :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen the orange colored trainer in raid lobbies a couple more times, seemingly even more peculiar.

Then I noticed the player in the game’s new startup screen has a similar all-orange tinge. Could that be a clue that the orange guy in the game isn’t a glitch, after all?

To deepen the feel of mystery (and mischief?), I finished the first stage of the 16-stage special research, only to be told the research will pause there supposedly for the Professor to check on a couple of things.

Too random and confusing at this point. So I plan to ignore it the best I can and just play on.

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