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Opinion on fast moves

Note, this will be updated every while, so don’t be like “y0U 4gOts fUry (UtT3R!!!111”

Tackle: underrated, but has a high DPS.
Water Gun: perfection ensues.
Ember: kinda slow, but decent damage.
Razor Leaf: I love it.
Thundershock: water gun of electric types.
Confusion: DAMAGE IS KEY!!!
Volt Switch: put it on your gym defenders.
Smack Down: slow, but worth it.
Bite: very good, but don’t recommend in PvP, low energy gain.
Shadow Claw: not much to say.
Lick: yes plz.
Bug Bite: very fast.
Counter: perfection ensues X2.
Cut: why is it even in pogo, it’s an HM in the main pkmn games.
Hidden Power: all psychic types should have this.


Best way to win PvP is with fast moves

Even in the heavweight division (I forget the ‘league’ name for it), when you can have a level 40 fighter with a great charge move?

:thinking:Not sure what you are asking here…

Charge moves are more key you need a good chargin fast move

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Snarl is pretty good too. My Absol is pretty much breezing through the great league.