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Online Pokedex Checklist

It only lists unowns boosted by events.

What do you mean? I thought the rest are currently unavailable?

Every alphabetical Unown is available in the wild outside of events, but they are extremely rare. I doubt if Unown ‘?’ & ‘!’ Forms are too.

Wow, great post! I just found out my shinies list is a dissapointment!
Anyway, this would make a great app. I’m at 99%, with just some regionals missing, Smoochum and Celebi. I don’t even bother with Unowns anymore, they’re impossible.

Much appreciated!

Oh I see. Didn’t know that, it’s actually surprisingly difficult to find up to date info on what’s available so far and what’s not. Thanks for the heads up.

Thank you. I’m thinking of making into the app so hopefully I can do that soon. Congrats, that’s awesome!

Pokedex Completion: 93.09% | 350 / 376
Great website! I recommend it!


We always seem to be online at the same time :sweat_smile:. I wouldnt know my percent, it doesnt work anymore,@drumachine

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I will work on a fix for you my friend.

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Hey, I’ve added import and export on mobile, so what I want you to try is to click “export” then copy the code that appears (make sure to select it all), then click “reset” at the bottom of the page and then “import” your pokedex back. Let me know if that helps!

I did everythinf you said then this happened:

Can you add a toggle for each gender?

Also, you could add Spinda’s forms, although I’ve only seen #8 so far.


Only number 8 is in the game.


A few people have requested that so it’s definitely on my to-do list!

Thanks for your suggestion, as the comment below you pointed out there is only patter #8 available but I will definitely add them as a section for when more come out!


That got fixed

I got 92.04 percent

Wow really? I didn’t know that.


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Hey, Im having a problem with the website @Drumachine. The website doesnt save when I reload and doesnt properly check off things. Please help!

I don’t think he is here anymore .


Do the import and export.
Copy the code, put it somewhere, and when you reopen put the code back in and it will save