One annoying thing in raids

That moment, when you fighted so hard on Entei or other good OP raid boss, while rest of the people were noobs and were defending themselfes with blissey, and… they get maximum amount of Premiere balls, while you get unfair 6 or 8 because you was the only person from [your team]. I today finally got a chance to catch one, but because i got minimum amount of balls i losed him. And it was first time when i wasn’t kicked out of raid because of my team. (Thanks, random players from Mystic). I mean, it should be either removed, or more balanced. Let me know what do you think about that.

  • They should remove it entirely
  • It doesn’t need to be removed but needs to be more balanced
  • Tim Miztick iz the bezt! Rip rezt ow the tims!

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It’s hard enough to get a raid group but to have the legendary run it’s just so disappointing. I think everyone who completes a raid should have one chance at having 100% catch rate. I did 4 raids because that was the only time I ever had enough people and all 4 times they ran. It was so sad and so demotivating.


I feel ya. I honestly would see if there is a discord channel for pokemon go in your area. It is very helpful to organize and get good players together to help others out. Good luck on your pokemon journey!

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I vehemently disagree. From a business perspective it would take away motivation for doing raids. From a gamer’s perspective it takes away from any skill in the game. I pride myself on having figures out how to recognize the Pokémon IV range based on the CP, how to set the circle size, and how to consistently make great or excellent throws.

What motivation would there be to be a good or great player of this game if you were gifted every pokemon you raided? And what would people want next, automatic capture of every Pokémon?

Even novice players in my group enjoy the challenge, i was told today by a very novice team Instinct player that she enjoyed the challenge of having less balls and found it more rewarding when she did capture a legendary or other raid pokemon.


You’re given 30 days (except October) to battle each legendary beast. Don’t worry, the time frame is long enough for you to capture ‘a single’ legendary Pokemon in raids.

If legendaries can be 100% captured from raids, they will lose their status in Pokemon GO. Legendaries are expected to be ‘ULTRA RARE’ but not ‘COMMON’.


Unfortunately there’s probaly no discord of my team in my city :disappointed_relieved:

What I meant was the first time you encounter a legendary, the first ball you throw is 100%. You can only do this once. If you miss the ball then it’s just back to normal

Yup I’ve put in an incentive to gather players from where I live. There is currently 0 active players. I haven’t captured one legendary and I’ve been to every legendary raid I can make it to just for there to be no players and I helplessly stand there and watch the counter go by.

@leonk98 Your situation is similar to rural players. I’m sorry to hear it from you. But in fact legendaries are supposed to be unbelievably rare that some players cannot get one.

Yeah I have 10 Pokéstops and 4 gyms across 10 km so yeah I’m pretty rural

Youtubers in your region may help things out when they promote Pokemon GO.

Nope there are no youtubers that play PoGo in Ireland. I think I might start when I get my iPhone for Christmas

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@leonk98 You’ll become a well-known youtuber. Best regards.

Thanks mate I’ll try my best. Hopefully I can be a unique channel.

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I’m back from first Suicune raid in my city, got some rare candies and even charged TM, but guess what happened after those rewards :rage:. Hint: (possible)Side effect of one specific thing:

Oops the Suicune ran away.:pensive: Try again tmr.

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That’s why I created the topic ‘New teams form in Pokemon GO’. Team Mystic monopolizes the game (especially gyms and raids) so that teams should be reformed.

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I love polls. Let’s see which option does people choose.

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you never know though. You could always create and promote one though.

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Sure. I’ll try to make discord in my free time. Thx for suggestion!