On vacation and i have EX pass

Im on vacation when this raid is can i contact Niantic for new pass?

You will get like 2 premium passes as a compensation

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I actually have myself an ex raid too while on vacation. I’m having some bad luck…

I wish I was on hub when I got my only one. On vacation, I raided ONE time at a gym in a park. Two days later, i got a pass. It was the broken wave as they called it :joy:

Automaticly if i dont attend?

If you email them

Do i just need to send a normal email or do i need to report issue or something

No idea I think you should just mail them on the help/support email or whatever

You need to raise a ticket. Go to the report section and select the Premium items section and report your problem.

Actually not going to do it so much work for 2 useless raid passes

  1. raidpasses are not useless, even for you.
  2. I tried ticketing once for a mewtwo. got a standard better luck next time reply.

so IMHO, too miuch work for no reward, and not a useless reward.

I forgot to report when this happened to me.

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had to really search in my mail, but this is what i got.

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I never used a premium raid pass

oh I did to get a raquaza that is now named @Kevin260709


This exposes the fundamental flaw with EX raids.

A better idea could be that over the course of 2 weeks, you as a group must obtain a very high amount of combined damage. To the extent where it’s soloable but that would take ages. More damage = more premier balls. At the end, mewtwo is yours

My ‚Äúgroup‚ÄĚ is a group of 2 players

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Your mom and who?

My group consists of me. That‚Äôs all I needūüėā