Now, what?

In 24 hours the Tier-5 reign of Giratina Origin Forme is set to end, and some of us are wondering whether to treat today like one last chance to raid Giratina as much as we can before the new boss takes over. Or, instead, like we only have one more day to hold off before we’ll feel psyched about raiding again.

What will be the new Tier-5 boss tomorrow? I could have missed it; but I don’t see an official announcement.

The new 5-star boss is Darkrai, to tie in with the Halloween event

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Of course – something that’s already had at least two events… Oh well, at least it will give a chance to get a second Shiny Darkrai.

Do you also happen to know when November Community Day is going to be? I get a week off in November, and I need to tell the boss which week I want to take, before he makes our monthly schedule next week…

I dont think they have announced the next community day

We don’t know yet indeed. Hopefully they announce it soon then :slightly_smiling_face:

Though Nov CD was Bidoof

That was a hoax, at least for now.

An it’s not even April Fools :rofl:

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I saw that LeekDuck graphic, too; looked mighty convincing. But the customary confirmations on other PoGo sites was nowhere to be found. I was hoping for that 3x catch stardust…

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There’s no way Niantic would give a PokéCoin for every caught Bidoof.


I could see happing but it would be capped and part of your daily max 50 :rofl:.
Got your daily 50 already, bad luck no coin for you :rofl:.


I wouldn’t be too surprised if they had to reward coins for Pokéstop scans, eventually. Instead of hiring people to do that work, they’re offering to pay Pokéballs for the work, and that seems unlikely to get many takers. And Pokécoins are a little like scrip in this context.