No way to get legendaries

I live in a town with too small a population that legendaries are unbeatable. The game has been so raid focuses recently that there are basically no new thing in the game besides raids. My town has 8 players but only 3 are level 30 or above and 2 are 29. The rest are far behind. Only the level 34 and 36 have good level Pokemon and even then it’s normally level 30. Spoofing for them is tempting but I don’t want to cheat. Hopefully there will be a change soon allowing smaller group of lower level player to do raid soon.
What do you think? Maybe a quest system …

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So close, so far. I can’t reach the gym on time as I have school.


Pokemon go desperately needs quests. It’s such a simple thing, but would add so much. I have no idea why niantic hadn’t added it yet.

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I can’t do Legendary raids either because can’t get a big enough group together. I don’t use Facebook. I was kind of hoping to get an EX-invite so enough people would show up but I never got one of those either.

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Then idk you can sodialize
Or call air suport

I have similar situation. Not able to play Pokemon Go anytime i want + no communication with any player = no legendaries for me :sob:, at least i caught Ho-Oh on fake gps on my sec account…

Most legendaries can be taken down with 4-6 people. Focus on leveling up and powering up the right Pokémon. Try to get 6 strong golems as they are versatile and super effective against many legendaries. It will take hard work but that will make it more rewarding when your group gets it done.


Basically only Lugia and SB Ho-oh are unbeatable at that

Ho-oh can be beat with 5-6 people with strong golems if it does not know solar beam. Lugia is tough since it has such high defense and no double weakness.

Thats what I said
Lugia is managable in 8 higher players, maybe 7 35s with good mons

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