Niantic, where is our shedinja?

Yesterday I was one of those that fell into trap by claiming weekly reward right at 1pm PDT and received moltres instead of shedinja. The most unpleasant part about it is that its already been 12h since and niantic still refuses to officially admit their failure, make any statement or face consequences. What are community’s thoughts on this one?

ehm, shit happens? Or as a populair PoGo youtuber once said: Life is unfair?

I’m affraid Niantic can’t do anything about it like reverting it for those unlucky ones.
Even making some statement about it won’t get you anything so how that is the most unpleasant for you i don’t really understand. Bugs (haha!) happen, i wish they could do a rollback or something, but i don’t think that is even possible in PoGO.

Edit: November started an hour earlier for me then we’re used to due to wintertime. Normally these events like start at 10PM for me. I saved my breakthrough but still was scared to turn it in after halloween clearly ended. After the first reports in our app group about shedinja being live 30 minutes later, i tuned in my quest and got shedinja. I dodged the bullet here. Being patient has its benefits.


Well that would be a good start admitting their mistakes. And when it comes to reverting things, havent they just recently reverted lost stacked rewards for players all around the globe?

I have no idea if they reverted those lost stacked rewards. All i know is they extended the time once for people to turn in the rewards to reach the new maximum.

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Yes, they did, although bugged and some errors but they returned the stack, they are capable of things but if people will stay quiet Niantic most likely going to assume that all is good and wont do a thing.

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then i hope you can make enough noise and get their attention.

Now I understand Im just a drop in an ocean, but it still would be nice if niantic could acknowledge another of their errors and say, yes, we know we f’d up, now please dont be mad and let us make it up for you somehow, but what they are doing is ignoring hundreds maybe thousands of tweets and carrying on with whatever thats on their minds and its just frustrating :man_shrugging:

I mean, a shiny Moltres isnt so bad either :stuck_out_tongue:
If i had known i would have gone for that. Unfortunatly i already claimed a day earlier.
Im pretty sure with a bit of effort Niantic could identify the people that got Moltres instead of Shedinja, but yeah i doubt they will.
Just as they wont really talk about how they messed up. They dont like admitting mistakes.

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My son got his last night right before he went to bed.

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