Niantic stop a little bit with legendary raids

What do you think about the title? It’s winter in northern hemisphere so after ho oh why not put back the birds or beasts and in the summer release gen 3 legendaries or simply stop with the legendary raids?
The people are 5 months (since summer) raiding and needs to stop a little bit. Im not complaining people, I have every legendary until now (except mewtwo).


lel they give 1 month for each legendary.I think that they will have some ideas for legendary raids

It would be better to adjust the raid times. Starting around 5 am and ending at 6 pm is not the optimal choice. We need times fitting to the winter times.


I agree. 2 weeks for a legendary then 2 weeks without it.

Also a week with some of them together from time to time would be nice.

What’s the difference between 2 weeks of raids and 2 weeks off and going 4 straight weeks? If one didnt want to do the raids the last 2 weeks then he or she could focus on other things.


What a deal?!
Tired, – don’t do.

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I think 1 month it’s too long for 1 legendary and if you let 2 weeks off then you are more likely to do a raid that is not a Legendary one. I mean, since legendaries are out I don´t care about other raids, like tyranitar for example.

But I see your point, it is just a feeling that legendaries are too present in the game, before summer nothing and now every week, I prefer a balance.

They should get rid of legendary raids altogether since niantic can’t see fact that raids aren’t possible everywhere and that they’re possible only in Los Angeles-like cities…

I dont understand, what does LA have to do with this

I mean, in cities like L.A, every raid will have people, but in rest of the world, like in my city, it’s nearly impossible to gain people for raid.

That is a gross exaggeration. We have over 100 active people in our group as there are only 45K people in the town. Of our group 25% are from smaller community’s and they come to raid. We have players levels ranging from low teens to 40.

It is harder for small groups of lower level players to beat some legendaries. That said this is in the hands of the trainer. There is nothing stopping players from leveling up and strengthening their Pokémon. A level 25 player using Pokémon with the right movesets (super effective damage) and typing (resistance) is more effective than a level 30 using Pokémon with the wrong moves.

If I was in your circumstances I would focus on catching the right types of Pokémon to counter raid bosses, getting dust to power them up and gaining XP to allow for higher Pokémon levels.


Why should they stop? I think they should continue with one legendary per month. Throw out the Ex system aswell. Focus more on mixing up the lvl 1-4 raids instead. Still waiting for Dragonite, Donphan, Primeape etc to be bosses.

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I have never got a legendaries in my home country. Where i live is too in the middle of nowhere. All 3 of my legendaries have been from elsewhere in the world :wink:

Across both towns i have total people of about 1000 ish. 8 play Pokemon go.

While 8 is normally fine for a legendary raid, my group are very low level average of just 28.25, with minimum amounts of meta Pokemon near maxed out on anyone. My level is 34, and I have basically every meta Pokemon at level 30 or higher with good moves. I am the only one in my group to do this.

Sounds like you need to coach your crew and help you all achieve your goal.

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Yes - well get there eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have no Legendaries. Don’t use social media and so I don’t have people to go on raids with. How about putting the Legendaries in the wild? Maybe start with the birds this summer? I don’t care about not having them now, but it would be nice eventually.


The point of legendary raids is that you gather a lot of people to beat it and then maybe catch it
If you want a legendary then get some friends into PoGo or just start using social media

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Even now it not so “legendary”, – but that way…
And it for now really interesting challenge, with huge prize, which depend from you tactics, – imo, – best part in pokemon go.

getting fed up already haha. this all because of ex raid pass. didn’t feel excited at all when gen3 are here.

I can understand your point of view as you have been raiding, but many of us haven’t gotten all the legendary ones yet, so it would be nice to see them come around again. That would help newer users and those who wern’t able to join raiding the first time around like me. Besides, it’s the best way for any trainer to get big XP pretty easily!!!