Niantic Have nearly got the EX System right

As you all know, Niantic announced that they would be changing the EX system to make it better/easier for people to use.

In this last EX wave, I got an EX pass and this is what they’ve changed (so far)
The notice time: We now have a week to prepare and sort out our stuff
Minor design issues: The pass has a little bit more colour, and things like that.

I will report on Friday if anything has actually changed in the EX battling system.

Note: it appears that Niantic are going back mainly to sponsored gyms, but they’re still at non-sponsored As Well.

I think the “have” in the title should start the sentence. .
The sentiment may however not be shared by those who are already making progress on the Gold raid badges who haven’t yet received one (I’m not one! I’ll just keep raiding & if it happens, it happens :upside_down_face:).
Hopefully everyone will get the opportunity to do an EX raid soon though & nice work on getting one!


Amazing how quickly thoughts change change once someone gets that coveted pass.

It always amuses me how critical people who have never brought a product to market are of a company that is trying to do the right thing and test the product before a full blown release. Cough cough @Yoshi


I still don’t like the EX System, i’m just Incredibly Happy That I Have an invite and that the System is changing to be more inclusive.

I think the length of test is enough for Ex raids. Until now Niantic still hasn’t inform us about the full release date of Ex raid. In my view I could only see Niantic is deferring the release date. If Niantic decision is in the right path, how could numerous players complain on the fairness of Ex raid system? If my tone is a bit bitter, sorry. This is the reason why I’ve suggested a notification mechanism.

(Next time could you criticise ppl with anonymity? Also, l didn’t comment on this topic before you’d criticised me)

This honestly sucks. Countries are soooooo lucky to have sponsored stops. My whole region (Middle East) has no sponsored stops. Dubai (UAE) and Doha (Qatar) have been lucky enough to have 2 EX raids at non-sponsored stops, meanwhile the rest of the UAE and my residential country, Oman, have gotten nothing.

Time to move to the US (Starbucks here I came).


The new ones are on Friday… the timing sucks for most people that have day time jobs. The week warning is nice for sure. But only being one day and only having 45 minutes to do it sucks.


The only advantage the middle east has over the rest of the world in EX raids is that we have a Friday-Saturday weekend schedule, instead of a Saturday-Sunday weekend. :slight_smile:

Freedom Fridays!

Jobs are more important in people’s life.

Niantic has no obligation to tell us anything. I have also been involved in the release of new products and know first hand that it takes more time than people realize to get things right.

The recent adjustment to EX Raids is proof they needed time to tune the system and what we see in the next 2 weeks will tell if they have it right or if it requires more time. This isn’t a homework assignment that takes an hour to complete. I would rather have 6 months in testing and a good hard rollout than limping along like the game did at release.

Your constant petulant attitude on the EX Raids is getting quite old. Try spending more time on the adventure and learning aspects of the game. Read about the history of the Pokestops and gyms, enjoy the parks and nests beyond just catching Pokémon. Try catching a few shiny Pokémon or push yourself to see how many KMs you can walk in a day/week/month. There is so much more to the game than just this.

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Alongside of criticising Ex raids system, I’ve also suggested a list of ideas (You know). I’ve already proved capturing Pokemon is not my only concern. Minor stuffs like daily stages, detecting players nearby your area, dressing Pokemon are features that I want simultaneously. I don’t care about participating in Ex raids. Indeed, cooperative features, more challenging gameplay is my major concern.


Note: All of us are helping to build GO Hub Forum. What I want is a harmonious community in GO Hub Forum.:two_men_holding_hands:
Would you forgive me?:pensive:


Even though Niantic is saying that they’re "changing’’ invitation system, i doubt it will be any better, since Niantic care only about money and s care about us