Niantic Announces Wayfarer


That nominations tab is great.
Now i can see Niantic actually lost a submission (its not there, did get the confirmation email) and others on reddit report finding their submissions wich have ben stuck in que.
1 guy showed a screenshot of 23(!!) submissions wich have been in que since 2015 :sweat_smile:


I just got my invite (or whatever you want to call it) and passed the test…
Let the rating of waypoints begin!


Cool, now hopefully i wont see as much german waypoints anymore.
It doest really matter what i have to review where, but doing so when the accompanying text is in german (or french, i get those to) its a bit harder :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you mean…
I’m getting lots of Czech submissions for review… But I do what I can to review them properly. Google helps a lot.
And so many duplicates… I understand why PoGo submissions were so frustrating for Ingress players. No one seems to check if it already exists… And it would be so easy to check with the ingress map… (That’s what I do before submitting)

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