Next T5 raid boss

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Oy, Palkia is not going to be an easy Pokemon to take down. It’s only weak to Dragon and Fairy, and there are so few Fairy types out there. It’s time for Gardevoir and Togekiss to shine.


It sucks not having a fairy fast move

It kind of does, but at least the immunity to Dragon will keep our Pokemon in for quite some time.

I’m going to do a different strategy this time around. I’ve put together a main team and then a beta team to attempt to keep the DPS up a little should my first team faint out since it’s four Dragons and two Fairies. Here’s my list, all are level 40 and in H/A/D order:

Alpha Team:

Salamence (100% IV, 15/15/15)
Gardevoir (96% IV, 15/15/13)
Latios (96% IV, 15/15/13)
Latias (96% IV, 14/15/14)
Togekiss (98% IV, 15/14/15)
Dragonite (96% IV, 15/15/13)

Beta Team:

Granbull (100% IV, 15/15/15)
Kingdra (96% IV, 15/15/13)
Clefable (98% IV, 15/15/14)
Alolan Ninetales (96% IV, 14/15/14)
Shiny Zapdos (96% IV, 13/15/15)
Luxray (98% IV ,15/15/14)

The last two I know are only neutrally effective, but there are really no other choices. My Rayquaza is a designated Flying-type attacker, and while I could give it its second move, Outrage, I don’t have the Stardust at the moment, nor the Charge TMs at the moment to change it at the moment.


I have a ton of Dragonites ready for this and Salamence

Depends on who you raid with. You can Duo it as long as it doesnt have Draco Meteor with:

  1. Rayquaza
  2. Palkia
  3. Dragonite
  4. Salamence

This is kind of the ranking from best to worst but its really close. Depending on the moveset they switch arround a bit.

So even when it has Draco Meteor you should be looking at a pretty easy Trio raid as long as you have players with acces to these dragons. Most level 35+ will have considering Dratini CD and the re-run of it in December and that weve already had 1 wave of Rayquaza.

My team isnt set in stone yet, but for now im looking at this:

Rayquaza (98% IV, 15/14/15)
Rayquaza (96% IV, 15/13/15)
Rayquaza (96% IV, 15/13/15)
Dragonite (100% IV, 15/15/15)
Dragonite (100% IV, 15/15/15)
Dragonite (100% IV, 15/15/15)

Gotta have to take a look at whats overall gonna be the best moveset for those Dragonites. 1 of those has Draco Meteor itself. If that turns out to be bad i might have to switch it for a 93% IV, 15/14/13.

Just realized i could give that DM Dragonite a 2nd charge attack. Might be worth it aswell.

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I’m ready :muscle:t3:


I think your more than ready lol

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Two on the front page have wrong moves but there’s plenty more behind it along with small 98% Dragonte and small 96% and 91% 15attack Rayquaza I haven’t decided on yet?


Weird flex