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News - Moltres Day announced:Sky attack Moltres coming on september 8th


instinct love twisting words. their mind is every where except the Victory

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NO TEAM sucks


You can’t tell me a Goldeen is better than a Machamp😋

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who said a team sucks, i dont see that said anywhere🧐

You can’t argue that Pokemon in the top of their generation are bettter than the rest. The top is reserved for legendaries and mythicals and Moltres is higher than 2 other birds. That’s a fact.

You said that yourself.


Pikachu lost to lvl 5 snivey
(im. watching youtube and this is part of top 10 dumbest pokemon anime decisions)

so if we use AnimeLogic, :face_with_monocle:

I was talking about Gen 1.

And so are these

Well I explained: