New Raid Update?

Has anyone confirmed this? I heard Magikarp is back and less pots are dropping from raids on another site but has anyone seen any more proof?

Someone on my local Discord claims to have Raided the Karp today.
I didn’t notice any drop change on the Entie I did today.

I have heard that people are getting 500 stardust win or lose for any raids. Is it different for Legendaries?

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Correct it’s 500 Dust win or lose for any Raid, not just Ledgendary.
That started yesterday, I had a whats that moment when the Dust tube started floating up the screen after an Entie Raid


I did a magikarp raid last night and got 500 dust.


Yes I only received Hyper Potions, more golden razz, a TM from all 4 raids . I did a 3,4,and two Suicune.

What does that mean? ‚ÄúPost withdrawn by author‚ÄĚ?

Fast and Charged TMs are dropping more from level 3 4 and 5 raids (Yes!)

Niantic wrote in one of the last news they gave out that Magikarp is back.

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