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New Lure Question

It is. I’ve tried it myself. You can see the question mark icon change into a grey Glaceon when you call your Eevee ‘Rea’.


I’ve heard rumors that the other nametrick could work again. Someone who has used it in 2016 could use the trick again. Sounds worth a try. Didn’t test it yet.

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I don’t know I use the original name trick back in 2018

One thing to bear in mind with using the new Lures is if your at a cluster of stops space the new ones out so they don’t overlap. No so much an issue for spawning but can cause problems for evolving.


We have 2 different mechanisms for controlling which evolution will occur. Which of the 2 should be more powerful when both of them are present, the name or the lure?

To wit: if I named an Eevee “Rainer” and evolved it next to an active Mossy Lure, should it become a Vaporeon or a Leafeon? Maybe a combination evolution should result in a hybrid – let’s hear it for Kelpeon.)


It should be a Vaporeon, unless you have already used the name trick. Good question, though, I’ll try it out if I can find a Glacial Lure.


@NotanotherKangaskhan’s remark got me wondering about the many faceted potential for type-coercion conflicts. If you have density of Pokestops, give each stop a different lure, and stand among them while evolving, which of the lures is strongest? Is it determined by which lure you are nearest when evolving? Or maybe which lure was put in first (precedent) or last (override)?

If your Trainer is standing in the overlap zone between 2 it might not give you the option to do either until your clearly in one zone.

Just look at pink evolve bar on your Pokémon. It will show you what you are going to get before you evolve it.

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