New legendary raid boss

New legendary raid boss is latios and latias

What’s your source for this?

Latios and Latias are two legendary raid bosses from Generation 3 and both have the same DRAGON and PSYCHIC typing. Latias’ Raid Boss CP is 45705 and Latios’ Raid Boss CP is 49323. They are also known as the Eon Duo.

As Latios and Latias have similar stats and identical typing, this guide will explain the counters of both simultaneously. Latias’ Capture CP is 1929 CP (Lvl 20, Perfect IV) and Latios’ Capture CP is 2082 (Lvl 20, Perfect IV).

No legendary Pokémon is soloable, so they are not either. Around 4-5 trainers are required to defeat a legendary raid boss.

I think next legendary raid boss is latios and latias

He asked for source, not a copy and paste of the Lati page on GoHub


*next legendary raid boss could Be latias and latios

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New legendary raid boss could be any unreleased GEN 3, or any previously released legendary. Thats not really helpfull either.

Why are people always so eager to speculate and spread rumor about this? Just wait for an official announcement, or atleast an legitimate leak from a legitimate source.