New EX raid passes

there has been a new wave of raid passes just 20 minutes ago.
We have been raiding yesterday(41) and today(42) people on 2 gyms and got today ex raid passes for january 16th.
It seems that there are many people that did not get ex pass earlier.

The location is Kosice, Slovakia.

Did anyone else also receive one?

Nothing in London, as usual. I’m never getting an invite, i’ve been raiding in parks and that does nothing.

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Josh i read alot about you not ever getting passes. Are you raiding at gyms that actually have had EX-raids on them?
I would forget about the park thing. Confirmation via an previous EX-raid is better.

There’s just a lack of those near me. I’ve done raids at the gym that hosted an EX raid back in November with no luck, and there are a few others, but none that I could reach easily.

No luck again for me. That is unsurprising though. The number of people raiding in these gyms is often just 1 per month or so.

Then i think thats the problem, youre at the wrong gyms. The EX-raids in november were before the switch to OSM so i dont think those took parks and stuff like that in account. You just have to go raid at gyms that have hosted EX-raids in the previous (or upcoming) weeks. That way you know for sure you are at the right location.
I really doubt London does not get a single EX-raid, let alone multiple. Are you in contact with the local PoGO community? They could help you find the gyms you need to raid at.

That might be one of the reasons I am not getting one. My town has never had an EX raid.

More secondary accounts less chance of receiving a pass :man_shrugging:

got an invitation, 16 januari 2018, 18.00-18.45, in amstelveen, the netherlands, shopping mall, at that time the shopping mall is closed.


That is quite amusing and sad at the same time and just adds to all the agro around the Ex Raid system.

Oh, another wave? Interesting, I got nothing at usual, almost as if the stupid recommendations Nianshit gives dont work most of the time!

Next group of invites went out today for Ex Raid on Jan 24.
One out of the families 4 accounts got an Ex-Pass.
Point of interest is this account meets less of Niantic tips for improved chances than our other 3.
This will now be the 7th or 8th Ex Raid at this Park and the 3rd one at that Gym.

I would normally have been at work during the date and time this is on.
I will be taking a day or 1/2 day off to attend.

we were also trying this week but without success.
we were in 3 zones
first one: we managed to get 230 points (what we know)
second: 179
third: 150 (but this is the most frequented place where also other people could have been).
in the first two they are out of town centre and we suppose that not many players have been there.

I would like to try go again on that one with 230 points because maybe they count two weeks.

2 Gyms had Ex Raid Passes issues out on the last drop Tues 23rd Jan.
We got 2 Passes for each on the family account but none were on my L40 :frowning:ÔłŹ.
I caught the families first Mew2 on the kids account Wednesday. I would have preferrred my daughter did it herself but she was too nervous.

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Try sprint gyms

I managed to get one for the 31st from a park gym, and there are no sprint gyms in England. Thanks for the advice though.

The family got some more Ex Raid Passes at the latest roll out this morning for the 2 Gyms that have an Ex Pass. None of our accounts got one for the other Gym.
One of the kids got a second one and the Wife got one. I’ve also broken the drought and got my first one.

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we are a raiding group of probably 100 people of which about 30 are raiding daily.
we have been keeping track of all the raids done by people in our group.
300 points were enough to get the invite. 60 x lvl5 raids.
Another gym in other zone with 300+ points did not get an EX raid (probably because there was not enough activity in that zone)
Within this 300 points there have been multiple accounts 3 times.
About 50% of the people got an invite. My wife got her second in 2 weeks and I after 4 months :slight_smile:
Wish us luck catching :slight_smile:

First, congrats on the invite.
Are you calculating the points by:
Number of Trainer Raided x Tier Level e.g 10 Trainers Raid a Tier 5 Legendary = 50points?
or by some other method?

We had a round of Ex-Passes handed out last Saturday 24th Feb for Saturday March 10th at the same Gym we had been working on trying to trigger just before the glitch issue got one there for the first time ever.
All of the families 4 accounts got one. Lets see if I can catch one for a change or go 0/2.

The Park that was getting them weekly at 1-2 of the Gyms got one again and it happened to be the only Gym out of 5 I never got a Raid in over the last 2 weeks :roll_eyes: