New Boxes before Raikou day?

Hi there guys,

Does anyone know when Niantic will change the Boxes in the store?

I am planning to make about 30 Raikou raids, but the Boxes in the store arent quite appealing for people searching for Premium Raid Passes like I do…
Did Niantic said anything about it? I searched about info of the dates that they use to change the boxes but found nothing…

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It’s possible since there’s a new event starting tomorrow (the third anniversary event) so check back after 1 PM PDT.


I’d say it’s highly likely we get new boxes


We usually get special boxes on these type of days


I hope we get something better than what’s on offer now. The current box has made me Raid less and made me hoard what Passes I have.

Event Box ok value for the Raid Passes.

I just got 2 of the adventure box

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