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Needing Raid Team

So I need to catch a legendary monster. I don’t have anyone around me to help me so I’m seeing if there are maybe some people I can add as a friend and when one starts by me or by one of you we can remote pass and get it done. I have a fairly decent lineup nothing crazy. I can solo a 17k boss by myself. 50k not likely. Any info or help would be awesome. No preferred monster.

Poke Genie App has Raid function that you can either Join Raids or Host Raids.
I’ve used it a lot with great success.
It allows the Host to invite 5 friends so having enough fire power to win is not an issue.
It can be a little daunting at first as there’s a few steps to follow and you need to flip from Poke Genie to Pokémon Go a few time back and forth.
Hosting is a bit simpler than Joining.


Awesome info thanks alot

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