Need some help with battling Deoxys

It looks like I will finally be raiding a Deoxys this Friday. :grin:With the help of GoHub, I’ve made the following team:

Weavile*: 82*%, 13/13/11, QA = Feint Attack, CA = Foul Play
Gengar: 71%, 8/10/11, QA = Shadow Claw, CA = Shadow Ball
Gengar: 80%, 14/8/14, QA = Sucker Punch, CA = Shadow Ball
Gyarados: 67%, 15/3/12, QA = Bite, CA = Crunch
Tyranitar: 87%, 13/12/14, QA = Bite, CA = Crunch
Houndoom: 71%, 10/15/7, QA = Snarl, CA = Crunch

Now, the question is, does this look good, or should I search for something better? If that matters: I have sixteen Fast TM’s and nine Charged TM’s left.

Are these worth TM’ing and powering up for the Deoxys raid, too?

(Its Charged Attack = Flamethrower)

(It’s got 981 CP, Level 15.0)

Also should I make a second team, so I can instantly go along with battling?

This one is 89%, 13/15/12, it’s got Snarl for Quick Attack and Crunch for Charged Attack. Should I use this to replace Gyarados in the team I made first?

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Yes it’s always good to have a second team ready


I think you got it dude I did my first e x raid when I was in the lower 20s and and the group I was with were all higher levels and we still won I didn’t catch Mewtwo but still won so you got it

If you’re alone it looks like it will be thought. Any chance to power up your Weavile and Gengars? Might make it easier. It’s rated hard to solo Dioxis. This might help; Pokebattler (as mentioned in a picture below)

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Yes, I can power them up. I’ll wait until this topic has more replies though. Thanks for your help.

The 91% Sneasel has 15 Attack. Should I evolve him and use him (and TM if necessary), too?

Dont power them up if you can get help from friends and form a lobby with at least 2-3 players total
Otherwise, solo became even harder and you NEED to have a top tier party for that, you would need way too much dust so I suggest you should just go in with a group of 3


Point is that I don’t have a group of three. If I run in a group, it’d be nice, but I have no idea if that will happen. So I’m just preparing in case I’ll not find a group.

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So if I understand well, I only should power them up if I can’t find a good group? But I guess there will be a group. So I shouldn’t power anything up yet, right?


Well, you would pretty much need to max out all of them to even stand a chance alone, so definetly wait
Arrive before it hatches, you should get a group


Don’t start at the opening. Wait until some time has passed. Maybe some help will arrive a little late.


Thanks all for the help. But I have another question: Is the team I’m using a good team, or should I change something if possible? (Ignoring with how many people I’m going to raid the Deoxys.)

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As far as Pokemon choice goes, its great
The levels are far too low for a solo though

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Last thrusday i got my first Deoxys. We where 4 between level 32 and 35.
Deoxys is easy, so don´t waste stardust or stones or candies evolving when you don´t need it.
Try to get 3 or more players and you can take Deoxys out pretty easy and fast. If you find someone with Groudon and Kyrogue, 3 can take him down easily.

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To me, Deoxys Attack is like a baby version of Mewtwo. When I did my ex raids, I arrived at the gym on time, there would be a full lobby of 20 at the time of the raid started, so I used my Groudon (yes the game recommends it), it took about half health of my Groudon and less than 20 seconds to beat the Deoxys with full lobby.

@Jormdeworm, your current team is front loaded with glass cannons, I would put a few of them into B team and put more Tyranitar at the back 3 slots of your a team. If you like, you can power up those Weaville and Gengar, because they will be used against the Lake Trio raid boss in future.

Your dark Gyarados looks OK, but just be careful when Deoxys has Zap Cannon


Got the Deoxys, so I guess this can be closed.