Need help with Kyogre

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and this is my first post. So I’ve tried Kyogre 12 times now and haven’t caught him once. I gave up on curveball after first try. I use golden razz every throw and usually get at least 5 great throws in per encounter. I also have the golden water type badge. Great throw + badge + golden razz = 7.91% catch rate for kyogre. I started keeping track by round three and I’ve had at least 50 great throws × 7.91% = about 400%. Still haven’t got one. Any advice? I’m out of revives and only have 3 passes left. Thanks.

Sadly the only real piece of advice I can give is to keep trying and get lucky. I have 4 Kyogre, some were caught on excellent throws, and one was caught with a no berry on the last ball. It’s all down to luck, and just hitting Kyogre each throw. Sorry I can’t help more.

First off, I did the math. If you had 50 throws with at least 7.95% chance each throw, your catch rate should have been 97.97%. All I can say is keep trying and do try doing a curve ball. It increases your chances a lot.

Dang alright thanks for double checking that! So I’m almost there then technically speaking if I just keep chugging with great throws…I know about the curveball, but he’s to far away and low. I only hit him 1/10 using curveball on that first try and it wasn’t inside the circle. I guess maybe I should practice on some ghastlys’s…

Thats not how probability works at all, you multiply these values, not add them

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And even then, the next chance is still again 7.95%.

Just lock the circle at great (or excellent, thats doable again if you are a good thrower since the update) and wait for him to attack and then throw.

If youve always thrown curved balls, dont stop now. Curved is fairly easy, and a big, FREE, gain in catch chance.

The others have given you solid advice already. I lock my circle and mostly go for great curves and sometimes excellents when I’m “on” that day. Curves with a “nice” is close to same as straight ball “excellent” if I am not mistaken so curves are important. Hope some of this helps!

Thanks for the tips everyone. I guess when I do raids tomorrow ill try some curveballs. Gonna go practice tonight to get ready.

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So I finally caught him. Took two tries this morning with some curve balls, I think it really does make a difference. It also helps that niantic moved Kyogre closer and widened the hit circle lol. Again thanks all for telling me to keep trying, it paid off.
P.s. did they raise his cp in the last 24 hours? I distinctly remember him being in the 2200 range for me (lvl 30) and the one I caught was like 2850! Any thoughts?


The newest update makes it easier to hit great and excellent throws. I improved from an abysmal 1:4 catch ratio to 3:4 attempts since the update dropped.
It was super frustrating before, now I feel like I have a legitimate chance every time.
Excersize patience and wait for the beast to attack in the center and it will improve your chances of hitting/catching!
Best of luck!

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Yes, after the update Kyogre is definitely closer. Always use a curve ball as it increases the chance of catching it. I use the “ProdigiesNation” trick of locking the circle although with Kyogre, it takes a lot of patience as I wait until he’s in the center to lock the circle. I’m very patient with my throws. For instance, did a raid last night and when everyone was already done trying to catch Kyogre, I still had half my balls left. There’s really no rush so take your time, use golden razzes, curve balls, and try the lock trick. I’ve caught Kyogre with excellent throw, great throws, and even no throw bonuses as well. Good luck!

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Did my first 2 Kyogre Raids since the update yesterday.
Yes it’s easier to land the Curve throws but at this early stage it unfortunately hasn’t improved my successful catch rate. A break out is just as good as a missed throw sadly.
Good thing I haven’t had a good IV to get upset about yet.

The max CP for a normal Kyogre at level 20 coming out of a raid is 2328. Your 2850 is a weather boosted one (rainy weather) wich is level 25. Max CP is 2910 at raids.

Weather boosted kyogre is level 25 instead of level 20

I’m currently 2 for 6 on catching Kyogre after the raid. Now that I have 2, I’ll start using my daughter’s account to try to get her one. Hope I have better luck for her than what I got on mine.

I reached my threshold point yesterday of having a gut full of Kyogre moving every time I let go of the ball when thrown. Didn’t matter how much I tried to time it or anticipate its movements. I was 1 from last 6 over the 2 days.
With a shocking catch rate getting worse I was at the point where I was considering not bothering to Raid them any more and use my passes on some thing esle. Sanity prevailed as this wasn’t really an option as I’m part of a group pushing to trigger an Ex Raid at 2 Gyms close to the Park where we are getting them at 1 or 2 out of the 5 Gyms every time they are issued.

The last one for the day I decided to throw Nanabs only instead of using Gold Razz’s and caught it on the 3rd Ball. Did the same today and my catch rate has done a complete 180 degree turn around. Not sure if this really is working or it’s just coincidental and I was due to have a decent run for a change. Finally got an IV in the 90’s and caught it too on the Nanab.

Coincidental, Nanabs are quite likely the most useless berries anyways

I got one in the city. It is bad iv (71%) but its my only one i have any chance of getting so i powered it up.

Again, if he keeps moving just lock the circle (watch this video on how to do that [] ) and wait for it to start its attack in the middle)

Yeh, I’ve seen and watch a few of those now.
Tried practicing it a bit on some crappy Pokémon and did 2 Raids trying to use that method but it didn’t help. I need a lot more practice at it which I don’t have the time or patience for right now.
I’ll just keep chucking Nanabs as it’s working for me atm. If it’s just me due for a good run, I hope I can cash in while it lasts before it goes to crap again.