Need help getting my first Mewtwo, but having trouble having enough participants in raids

I live in Dublin California, and have missed out on many legendary raid battles due to lack of participants. Any way I can efficiently partake in on going raid battles?


Are you on a local Discord thread? Since I joined our local Discord, I haven’t missed out on any Legendary.


Idk how many miles Dublin is from Berkeley, I know its relatively close, there is a decent amount of people on campus and in the surrounding area that play. So if you’re ever out that way or feel like making a day trip, might be a good way in getting in some legendary raids!

How would i go about getting on one? That might solve my issue!

You can download discord from the link on the POGO Hub main page. From there, go to a local raid and one of the other players should be able to send you an invite for your local Discord thread. That is how I did it, because until another player loaded it onto my phone, I didn’t even know what Discord was.


A map to find playergroups on Discourt. it might help.

It also goes a long way for everyone to have the right counters including level and moveset. Putting in poor choices such as those ‚Äúrecommended‚ÄĚ, may last longer and reduce potion and revive usage, but can take twice as long to win.