Mr.Mime Jr. implemention

I’m wondering how Mr.Mime Jr. will be implemented into the game. It’s a baby form right? So like all baby forms it would hatch from eggs, but it’s evolution form is a region exclusive.
Talking about evolution - it’s the only region exclusive with an evolution.

What do you think will happen?

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maybe region exclusive egg(s)?

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They could just make it exclusive to Europe for consistency.

That would be the best guess.
It would be kind of cheap if you get a Mr. Mime anywhere that way…

Yes, those eggs have to be region exclusive. But compared to all other region exclusives: I have a higher chance of getting my region exclusive with good IV’s.

Plus: only europes egg hatching chance would change and only europeans would have a chance to get 500exp per evolution with their region exclusive.

maybe thats how we get mr mime. they make mime jr a global pokemon that is only watchable from eggs… and then when you evolve it you get mr. mime?

And how give you a chance to the europeans to get a Taurus, or a Farfetch’d?

The thing is, it would be really hard to get for tourists if they have to hatch it. If not close to impossible for most peope that spend just one week here. And in this week it’s not just about pokemon go.

If you clear your deposit of eggs near to zero, it’s not so dificult to get enough eggs to have a chance.
And I don’t say you have guarantee, but shurely I still have no chance to get a Taurus.

Yes, but clearing the eggs is a problem
5km eggs fall almost always, so walking 45km without spinning a stop just to get a CHANCE to get Mime is pretty dumb
They should just make eggs deletable
And maybe remove incubators (use them only to speed up the process) and give you like 3 slots I guess?

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I could see that happening, but in a long time. Niantic still want money

Why not to make ‘expand the capacity of eggs storage’ available?

I think Niantic will eventually remove 1Gen exclusives, with 4Gen and all that Pokemon the old exclusives will be outdated and new ones will be released (or not) whatever, 3Gen release will tell us what is the future of the regional exclusives but the first ones I think they are going to be released sooner or later.

Since Niantic has chosen Mr. Mime as a regional exclusive Pokemon, it has proven Niantic is a short-sighted company. Only a few of us notice the existence of Mine Jr. In my opinion, Niantic will exclude Mr. Mime as a regional exclusive Pokemon when gen 4 releases. (If they finally realise it)

Maybe they could release regionals with Gen 5 (and maybe make older gens unavailible for a short time, including raids) seeing how Gen 5 was supposed to be a fresh restart

Cryogonal (siberia, scandinavia, north canada and such)
Alomomola (similar to Corsola, maybe a bit wider habitat (like to mediterranean sea)
Durant/Heatmor (Africa)
Druddigon (Europe)
Sigilyph (S America)
Sawk and Throh (Asia)
Maractus (mexico, maybe sahara)

I think I know how they should implement it. They almost certainly won’t do this but I hope they do. That is make regionals a thing of the past. No more regionals means no more need for regional events and no more people with 500 of legendaries and never a chance of corsola or plusle.