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More issues with go-tcha

This is my second got-cha and both have had the same problem. I couldn’t find anything here on how to fix it. Basically the screen goes blank as soon as you touch it. It was previously linked and working fine. As far as i can tell its fully charged. Thanks.

My phone wouldn’t let me use a hyperlink. Somebody made a YouTube video of it: https://youtu.be/f2ubm36QRPU

That sounds like a not charged issue.
Some don’t sit correctly in the charger and slide forward losing the contact.
I’ve got 2 Gotchas and the charge cables that came with them seat the Gotcha fine but the spare I bought fro charging at work just wont seat the Gotcha in correctly and it losses contact and doesn’t charge. I use a bit of masking tape to hold the Gotcha in if I have to recharge on that.
Failing that, have a look at what I’ve posted in this thread in regards to resetting the Gotcha as that would be the next thing to do if your confident its charged ok.