Mewtwo: share your catches!

I got it!

I was lucky to join the first Mewtwo raid in my area. It was very exciting. About 30 trainers were present and most of us caught Mewtwo. We split up into two groups and we needed about 100 seconds to down her. Much easier than I thought. Mewtwo hits quite hard though (Focus Blast).

Edit (02/10): Changed attacks and powered up till breakpoint
Edit (10/10): Changed attacks and powered up till breakpoint


The bad boy from the UK


I doubt that EX raids will ever leave their ‘field test’ phase at this point. It’s nearly been a month, and they are still not out worldwide.


Congrats you two! I got mine as well (even if the IV are bad,it’s Mewtwo). From our red group everyone caught it^^


This is a great news from team Valor. Keep going!

R.I.P Me, for me EX raids sucks. On typical raid you could join raid with everyone, while on EX raids, only lucky you and lucky few people can join it.

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That is how they work unfortunately, you will get one eventually…

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well, thx for supporting me, going to do as much suicune raids as possible when i will have free time

Time to consider about Ho-oh. Will Ho-oh be the 2nd legendary Pokemon in Ex raid?

Remember, Hooh still needs test phase!

Probably not. There’s enough test for Ex raids.

Level 1-4 raids determine when / where you’re Mewtwo raid would be - so don’t just do Legendary raids.

We don’t know how Niantic work, they are quite spontaneous.

How long does the Ex raid test takes when gen 3 legendaries are out?

Probably 2 months per Legendary

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lol I can’t imagine the Ex raid test will last for a year.

Well, to those who’re concerned about when EX raids come out, i found one near my house in Poland


You did not get the invitation. It’s depressing.

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So Close, Yet So Far…

Still waiting for EX Raids to come to the middle east.

There was rumour of one in Doha, Qatar and one in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but it was unconfirmed.

The rest of us are waiting1