Mew Quest Glitch

So I just evolved my magikarp on the Step 6/8 quest where you need to evolve magikarp and when I did I went to the thing to make sure it counted and when I went there to check it showed the guy talking to me for the second time saying the new quests I needed to complete and it didn’t count the magikarp. Im seriously mad about this my account name is LogDoesPoke if there is anyway niatic can give me another 400 candies or make the quest count for me I would very much appreciate it considering I don’t live near water and this took me months to get the magikarp candies

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This isnt Niantic support
If anything, restart your game and make sure youve evolved Karp AFTER you unlocked 6/8

And if not, just walk it again, I know it’s about 400k distance, but you’ll get there in the end

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