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March 27 / 28th ex raid

My regular Ex Gym was Clock Blocked but I got my Ex Pass at another Gym at a time I can attend for once…


No passes here for the 27th, but I do have one for the 28th.


Do you have one in Rijswijk?

You can only get them for one day or the other. The days are static within a time zone.

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I know, but I said it because TS asked specificly for the 27th and not for the wave for the 27th/28th. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Colorfull Wave on a **** time. I can’t play it by myself, but I hope my friend can.

I’m totally ready for defense form Deoxys


Can you get to both the 17:00 in time to do both?

Unfortunately not. I’ll only do one out of my 3 passes since the one for tomorrow is at 10 am (I’ll be at work) and the other two are at the same time and very far apart (one was the one I received today, and the other from a friend’s invite).

Got mine at 1pm tomorrow which is ok as I’m on afternoon shift this week but its 40min in the opposite way I go to work.
40min trip to go do Raid then 1hr 15min to get to work after Raid.

Aw. Hopefully that’ll be worth it and you’ll get a decent IV Deoxys then

I expect to get a rubbish one but don’t care as all I want is 2 of them then I can forget about chasing Ex Passes until the last one finally gets a turn.

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Agreed. I really don’t care about Deoxys to be fair, it’s not meta relevant (I don’t really do PVP, unless I want some Sinoh stones). And all 4 forms are already in our Pokédex, so…

That’s certainly sub-optimal, @NotanotherKangaskhan. At least your time commitments are compatible with the logistical inconvenience, though. In a similar vein, I and several in our usual EX group are sometimes able to trade the hour in the middle of the day for one at the start or end of the day.

After months with an EX raid boss that was way too easy, it’s kind of nice to get a boss that demands we pay at least a little bit of attention to the fight and our preparations for it.

Just finished today’s EX raid. Though it was raining, most invitees showed up.

The Defense form of Deoxys was harder to defeat than the Normal form, and significantly harder than Attack form, as was predicted here at the Hub. But both of my trainers got invites and both got the capture, one with 89 IV and the other with 96. Move set was Zen Headbutt and Thunderbolt. Waiting to see how Poke Genie rates that, once it has that charge move added.

Thanks Niantic, you’ve delivered the absolute garbage as predicted.
One more to go then I’m done with it again.

I dont have any lessons today. Got 1 ex raid and my mom may be giving me snotter ex pas to the same location as @Autofan1985 has.

I can invite you too if you want.

My Mother invited me. But thanks anyway