Lugia returns - how many players needed now?

Hi everyone!
I’m quite new to this forum… I didn’t find a current topic a about this, so if there is and my searching was just wrong, I apologize…

I’m looking forward to Lugia returning, because I only have a single one with bad IV. For preparation I went through old raid guides etc and especially suggestions about group size (we have a limited player base in my town, so this is an issue! Most are Level 36 and up, with few lower and some 40).
When Lugia was out first, 10 people at least were recommended with the counters available at that time. (Though I heard about a group of 7 who managed to take it down).
Now that we have some new good counters available (Raikou, Zapdos, Mewtwo, Kyogre,…), would we still need 10 people or more?
With the current raid fatigue I fear this could be difficult…

It seemed to be one of the hardest to take down originally due to high defense and lack of counters. But with all the new ones that have come out since then, I’m gonna guess a team of 5/6 that are high level and with the right counters could take it down. I’m sure in the coming days we’ll see and someone will do the research. It’ll be a big change from the Rayquaza raids that went down so easily anyway!

Depends on if it has Hydro pump or not, about 5 if it doesnt, like 7 if it does (yes, you can probably beat it in 5 anyways, but the losses on potions will be quite big)

My preparations went in choosing the best counters. I have two Gyarados with Bite/Crunch and wonder if I use them or Zapdos and Raikou instead (which both have lower CP)… If everybody chooses the right counters I think you need less than before (I see that when I compare TTar raids then and now).

5 to 7 sounds like a number we could manage to get together. :grinning: We’ll see what people find out in the first days. Thanks anyway :grinning:

I’m also wondering about the counters. Kyogre with Blizzard is listed now, which is awesome ofcourse, but what about Kyogre with Thunder, which deals slightly less damage, but still exploits one of Lugia’s weaknesses, or Hydro Pump, which may not benefit from one of Lugia’s Weaknesses, but does get a STAB bonus.

Or an Aerodactyl with Bite/Ancient Power, which should perform at least decently against a non Hydro Pump Lugia (which is the Lugia version that most attackers suffer against anyway) even taking less damage from a Sky Attack Lugia.

That’s the exact point I was wondering about Gyarados. With Bite/Crunch it does more damage, and as a water type it gets less damage form Hydro Pump. So why is it not listed?

Running some simulator (don’t ask me how realistic this one is, I just googled it), a bite/crunch Gyarados seems to even outperform Rayquazas of similar level, especially against the Hydro Pump and Future Sight versions of Lugia.
Neither is anywhere near a Bite/Crunch Tyranitar though. The more Tyranitars the better it seems.

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Lugia Pokebattler simulation will tell you wich is the best counter. You can even select against wich moveset.

Raikou and Tyranitar are the go-to choices. Of the top 6 listed there, note that the time to win on Kyogre is significantly higher compared to the others.

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I will be putting this to the test tomorrow with Family 4 plus a mate in hospital for a heart op has given me his device to keep his streaks going and do some raids on if I can.
Teams of Raikou with Wild Charge Charge move. Recommendations say Volt Switch over Thunder Shock but V-Switch is so slow. Tyranitars with Bite and Crunch to get those extra Charge moves out. The Wifes got a good Mewtwo with Shadow Ball to throw into a battle squad.

1.4x Damage with the following type moves:

You need 7-9 people.

Theoretically, 3 for the easiest moveset, 4 for the hardest. But i dont think the simulator takes rejoining and reviving into account. Id go for 5 minimum for this one. And thats 5 high level with good counters.

rayquaza was 5 any level.

lugia is by far way harder. 7-9 any levels

We had two people beat rayquaza and we often did it with 4 all around 32-35, but I agree with your numbers for lugia

Just did my first Lugia raid (windy weather) with 17 people, at it took us just over a 1/4 Of The time.

That’s the same as me, 17 people raided Lugia when it’s windy. My Lugia is 2529 CP with perfect moveset (Isn’t equipped with sky attack though).

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Just done a second one, so now I have one at 89% and one at 73%

Rayquaza could be done by 2 with the right counters (Jynx) and was quite easy with 3 if you have dragonites. Even the hardest moveset. And my team was 3 dragonite, 1 ttar, 1 kyogre and 1 golem, so far from ideal and we still did it with 3 players.

guess the other two in my group were weak sauce, cause lowest i done was 5.

i did lugia today with 4, then 5 then 7 all failed. Then did it with 20 and to me lugia fights longer than even mewtwos. Mewtwo goes down pretty quick.

edit - i use : 4 mewtwos 1 salamence 1 dragonite

then used 4 mewtwo 2 tyranitar

Kada se Lugia pojavila išlo je sa 13 igrača, tada su bili puno slabiji leveli nego danas. Ako se kyogrea rušio sa 5 igrača, rayquaza sa 4 igrača Tyranitara sa 4 igrača, Lugia će trebati sigurno 6 igrača i to igrača sa dobrim tyranitarima, u Nedjelju ću probati sa 6 igrača 28 lv., 31,32,36,39 i 40 lv. Pa ću vidjeti ide li ili ne