Legendary Raids after Dec 12th?

So since the beast are gone now and all we have is Ho-Oh for the legendary raids until December 12th, who do you believe will take Ho-Oh’s place next on/after the 12th of December?

Let me know what you guys think! :slight_smile:

Hopefully it’s either Gen3, Mew or Celebi. I need that 10k XP in my life.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see some of the birds cycle back through. Hopefully it’s something new though.

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found this on twitter. they claim we will see celebi on the 14th. it will be cool if true, ill wait and see.

I really doubt that, but it would be awesome! :grin:

I think the Birds, Lugia and the Beasts will all be back appearing randomly for a month.

With or without Ho-oh?
I dont think they will release them all at once, they will either re-release the birds and Lugia, re-release the beasts and Ho-oh, or release the Regis imo

Hearing next legendary raid could
Be celebi and mew could happened during event starting 22nd. Just a rumor

Well we know they celebi and mew will
Be in raids but it’s all rumors

But Delibird And Smeargle As well, don’t forget that.


I didn’t, likely for Christmas event

We dont know that, they can very well be handed out in events

Ya I know rumor is Christmas event

I personally hope that gen 3 drops after 12th December (maybe 14th ish) as legendary raids are impossible in my area.

I think that Niantic will stop with the legendary raids or put again the birds and/or dogs and put gen 3. I don’t think that they will put celebi or mew in this way, because they are mythical not legendary Pokémon kkkkk. They will be in EX raids tho.

Delibird on Christmas is almost certain, otherwise they would waste the perfect timing.


Perhaps Niantic will rotate the level 4 bosses again & put in Dragonite for a little bit.

I just hope that they do something instead of nothing at all after Ho-Oh, I heard some players in my local community say they believe they may take a break on Legendary raids with the winter weather rolling around. I think they failed to realize the POGO is global not just here and the fact that Niantic wouldn’t want to lose any potential money from passes lol

It is possible to legendary dogs or birds in present or future via raids or any other type?

No. It’s quite annoying because my group is high enough level, we just didn’t have an opportunity where all of us were available.