Legendary dogs or legendary bird in present or in future raids?

Hello friends we know that lugia is legendaries pokemon from past but they come back so is that possible to return legendaries birds and dogs from pasta in raid again?

I think Niantic is going to try to meter the legendaries that haven’t been released yet, and now that we know Mew is one legendary you can get through quests, it would make total sense that they would recycle the older legendaries. I know I have them all, but I would like to get better IV versions, as well as more candies, so I hope they come back too.

Mew’s a mythical, not a legendary

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You’re right. I sort of lumped them all together. Not really into the lore and all that, just like the game.

Is Mew2 a legendary or a Mythical?

It’s a legendary

Mew is a mythical. I don’t know the difference but my son who plays the actual games does and he says it is a mythical.

The mythical Pokémon for the currently released generations are Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys, everything else is legendary (or a regular Pokémon)

In 16 hours and 16 minutes i can tell you if you get legendarys from completing 7 days of field research. I kinda expect it.
But i do expect the older legendarys to return at some point. It doesnt make sense for only Lugia to return, even if it was because it starred in the latest movie.

The format seems to be new one for 4 weeks then and old one returning for 2 weeks then a new one again.
I don’t have a problem with that but would like to see all 3 Birds at once and all 3 Beasts at once rather than the one for 2 weeks.

I think for those who got them the first time around that would work better. In my case I missed them so I’d much prefer just one for a few weeks at a time so I know I can definitely catch each one.

Would first want 3 birds then 3 dogs.

Is there moltress available in current quest system? If yes then which stage of quest?

It’s for doing the Field Research, do one task (any task) a day for seven days (they don’t need to be consecutive) and you get a Moltres encounter

Yes, you can get it by collecting your 7th Stamp in Field Research.

After collecting tomorrow’s stamp can I encounter moltress?

My both field task stamp are same

I get mew but not moltress

Yes. And if you got the Stamp over two or more days: Too

You can only encounter Moltres with Field Research (the 7th Stamp). You can only encounter Mew with Special Research.