Legendaries: the pain has just upgraded for rural player. I'm by myself- a lone trainer

I went to town and hunting for legendaries raid like crazy right after niantic annouced. I encountered 2 articunos and a Tyranitar raids alright but couldnt do anything besides take loads of screenshoots. I was all by myself and i already knew this day was going to come but couldnt help it but felt so left out again. Why would rural players suffer so much, its not entirely Niantic fault but come on!
This post is not about negativity. So here is 1 good shot of me battling the articuno in hopeless. I had to stand there until the raid time ends craving someone would come.
Oh well i will try my best to go to a much bigger city tomorrow and hopefully i could get them. That would be so awesome​:ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2: What about you guys? I would love to see your experience of them so far? love even more to see if u caught them :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I lost to an Articuno (twice) because no one in my community showed up to it.

Theres nothing else we could do! Maybe wait for trading if it comes to that!

I initially thought the CP would go up/down depending on how many players were battling it. However, there is no way one or two people can take down a 37,000 CP Articuno or 42,000 CP Lugia. Trading would be nice, but who would give a legendary up, and for what?

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People live in cities will surely have a pile of them. Last time only 2 days in a guy showed me 7 Tyranitars from raid. Im sure it will be plenty for them. Exchange with whatever they need you never know lol!

Yeah, I looked at a radar (it was in Tokyo but the point is still valid) and they had three within 500m of each other. I have two gyms in total.

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He got join Facebook groups or other methods like discord. Watch for posts etc.

They should do something like that, but niantic has made it pretty clear they don’t care about the rural experience

At the very least they need to make it so you get your pass back if there are only 1-2 players for a lvl 4/5 raid

Your idea’s quite appealing as well. As with a lot of things in this game, I feel that either they weren’t ready or (most likely) just didn’t listen to anyone. Niantic should learn from GoFest and the reaction John Hanke got as a lesson. Listen to the players.

I played Pokemon red, blue, gold, silver, and crystal growing up. I was 10, the same age required in order to begin your journey as a pokemon trainer. In all of my playing on a gameboy I recall having to obtain TM’s in order to teach my pokemon moves that would let me get past objects blocking my path to a legendary. For example, before setting out on an adventure to try and catch a legendary bird I would have had to have taught a Mon fly, surf, strength, cut, etc. Capturing a legendary bird wasn’t achievable unless you had a good selection of level 45 pokemon or above (the max was level 50). Legendary birds were level 50 so it made sense that you had to be battling with at least a pokemon that had been powered up 90% of the way (lvl 45) in order to deal enough damage to the legendary bird without making it feint ( you had to weaken it enough without dealing enough damage to the pokemon in order to be able to catch it while it was weakened).

Like the main series games I propose that Niantic should take in to account the amount of damage trainers deal to a raid boss without beating it before the time runs out. For example, like the main series games it was necessary weaken any pokemon’s health as low as possible without it feinting in order to have the best chance at catching that pokemon. I was just messaged by two trainers to take down a rural Articuno Raid but had to decline because I know that three trainers is not enough to beat an Articuno and have the chance at catching it. All I’m trying to say as a rural player is if I solo battle a Blastoise raid boss and get him down to where his health meter is in the red why not give me a chance of capturing him and simply not award me with any bonuses for beating a raid boss?

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I would give up a legendary for a 100% IV eevee!


I have a 100% vape and flareon I would gladly trade…that is if that ever is a thing. I’ve caught 16K mons, but still can’t catch a break with those birds.

Yeah, I reckon this times in the Gameboy as well, they have forgotten this times or want to change the game to another stream…
It was never necesary to beat them to zero, only to downlevel them.
Maybe they will remember…

That’s an interesting idea. I think that is a good solution. The more remaining HP a mon has the harder it is to catch. It would still make things harder on rural players, but at least they would have a chance. Maybe have the base catch rate slide between 1% and 10% depending on how far down the mon was battled (the base catch% would be much higher for the easier Pokémon raid bosses)

Exactly, just think, if Niantic took the algorithm that they use to infer how much damage a trainer deals to a raid boss in comparison to all other trainers battling the raid boss and flipped it. For example, when battling a raid boss certain criteria dictates the CP level of the raid boss awarded to the trainer that just defeated it. If Niantic can capture how much damage a trainer deals to a raid boss and give them the opportunity to catch a stronger CP raid boss / more rewards for beating it, then they can infer that when myself and two other players battled a Charizard and damaged it to where its HP was red, that we as a team of three trainers, battling a CHARIZARD, severely damaged it and in its weakened state I like my chances of catching it!