New guy here. I apologize If this isn’t new thread material, but I was just wondering if there’s any intel regarding Leafeon and Glaceon.

-nickname hacks?

Thanks in advance.



Not before they are released.


Thanks to @Robdebobrob for providing quick, short, and straightforward answers to your questions…

Many have wondered the same things since at least the time Gen 4 first came out, and still have Eevees ready to evolve as soon as we can get Leafeon and Glaceon out of them. So no apologies needed for asking.

I’m hoping that there will be hacks for evolving them (and not total randomness) and that those will be just simple name hacks and not something over-the-top obnoxious like walking 50 km as buddy and evolving with a team-change token between 2 and 2:15am on the third Thursday of a Leap Year.


“Evolve your Eevee while standing in a bucket of ice after walking your Eevee 100 KM for a Glaceon” … “Evolve your Eevee after climbing a tree (at least 8 feet in height) after walking your Eevee for 100 KM for a Leafeon”


They could do May for the glaceon name hack. Worse option evolution based on weather